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Bohemian Dystopia, Critique on the State of the Nation.



Bohemian Dystopia: The Anne Ominous critique on the state of the nation


How did we get here? I look around every day and I think either I am getting smarter or everybody else is devolving. Since when does the largest group of idiots get to determine policy and what it means to be American? That is called tyranny of the majority and if we understand why our country was put together the way it was it was supposed to checkmate every form of tyranny. Tyranny is the anti-Christ of reason and wisdom from the perspective of the founding fathers but this isn’t just about ships of fools, I hate everything and everyone stupid equally….

You see we are effectively turning into a feudal society, we are already a fascist society and there are elements of communism creeping in as well, and not the positive aspects of it. The wise people are slaves and are worked to death while vile idiots enjoy the surplus of others work. How did this happen? How did we get here? and how the hell do we get back??? 

What you don’t get is that when George W. Bush was in office he passed a law that gives corporations the right of people. This effectively makes them citizens, they can defend themselves and they can endorse themselves and they can pursue their own interests. Is that a bad thing? Well, who do you think they are defending themselves from? That is correct, individuals. What this essentially means is that you have been demoted as a citizen, you are now a plebeian a non citizen by proxy, because you don’t have the man-power, the skill, the knowledge, the lawyers and the money that corporations have, but relax, it gets worse. 

Money is a symbol of value, and it is exchanged after it is decided from two different perspectives that the interaction is mutually beneficial. We have been using money so long we forget what it is. When people have ridiculous amounts of wealth it is no longer about survival it is about control and influence. In order to have a consumer society you have to have a dumb society that can be manipulated through advertising. Axe body spray is not selling cologne, they are selling sex. They conflate their product with the attention of women, young men want feminine attention so they participate with the premise and buy the product. But it incentivizes an irrational and stupid society. Wild animals are smarter than domesticated breeds, they are also dangerous. Our founding fathers wanted us to be dangerous and wild and intelligent. We have failed them.

If you look at the Jewish laws they were written with a single intent, the success of the village. Every 7 years their was a forgiving of debts that couldn’t be payed off. George W. Bush repealed a similar law that the united states had. What this means is that the rich will stay rich and the poor will stay poor and get even poorer. This moves even farther from a democracy into an oligarchy, but it does more than that, it means that if you have money, no matter how you got it, you are virtuous because you have it. Being rich is a virtue in itself now, which means that we are becoming a cleptocracy, the opposite of a meritocracy. Furthermore this prevents wealthy families from losing their positions of prestige and having to compete with other technologies and skills on a level playing field. It was because of fear of not being able to compete and not being able to regain their wealth and stature that provoked this law. 

Right to rule is determined by whether your government contributes to the quality of your life or not. If your life is the same as it would be if there were no government then that government does not have the right to rule. Now, if your government is based on capitalism and nobody has jobs or money, your government does not have the right to rule. Here is another interesting little tid bit. The jobs that we do have are government jobs. If you have a government job it is like you won the lottery, you are comparatively rich. How the fuck did that happen? How is it that civil SERVANTS, are getting paid more than the average American when their job is to make life better for the rest of Americans? There is no fucking way, they should be living high on the hog when they are failing at their job. 

Every major world civilization has had one thing in common, a large middle class…. I really shouldn’t have to write the rest of this paragraph, what I just said should be enough. Jewish laws were created to maintain equity in the population. A huge disparity in wealth dispersion means there is no middle class. In the parts of northern Europe that are successfully using a type of socialism there is a wage cap. No one can earn more than so many times the minimum wage. The hidden subject is that it prevents people from hijacking the society because they possess all of the wealth. People react with horror at that concept, but money is an external incentive, there are other types of incentives, internal incentives for example. We have gotten so indoctrinated into external incentives that we don’t do anything without money, or for any other reason than money. Moral courage, righteous indignation, the world we want to live in, just some examples of internal incentives….

Think of how much of your life is spent at work. You spend all of your best energy slaving away for a corporation and you have what is left over for your friends and family and interests, assuming of course that you actually have a job. You are a slave. Not in letter but in spirit. Your every thought, action, and emotion is manipulated by the people with the money, you only think that you are in control of your own destiny and that you have options, and that is because you were manipulated into thinking that. There are two types of freedom, freedom from and freedom too. Freedom from is a feminine freedom, it prevents relationship. It removes individuals from natural consequences, this is the freedom the mother provides for the child protecting it from nature, understanding of truths that are unpleasant, and keeping it from relationships that are undesired. This is an authoritative freedom that is provided by a superior to a subordinate, it requires that the child participate and stay in its box, remaining docile and dumb. Structures of authority give us received knowledge, they do our thinking for us, and they extract their authority from us in order to do it. It makes certain presuppositions, that the mother knows enough to protect the child, that the mother knows what is good for the child, and that the child can be happy being provided for. But this model weakens society by making it stupid, complacent, and domesticated. Pleasant, but douchey and incorrect.

 Furthermore, if you examine the mind of the psychopath, as I have, you realize that they are notorious social climbers, and they climb through structures of authority. It is said that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” but in my experience that is not true. A corrupt able person sees power where an incorruptible person sees responsibility, power can only be abused and the psychopath is attracted to it like a moth to a flame and like a fly to a piece of shit for the purpose of abusing that power. The incorruptible person reaches for responsibility slower than the psychopath reaches for power.
How is it that child molesters keep getting jobs where they can molest children and thieves keep getting jobs in banks and in the stock market and politics where they are allowed to regulate themselves? I have done some introspection on this subject. I have come to the conclusion that psychopaths are over-coddled children that learned how to manipulate their mothers. How do they do this? by communicating harmlessness and agreement to them, the mother does not promote foreign wills, (the father) she thinks only of feminine authority, (the child and the mother). She makes superficial, aesthetic, judgments, not judgments based on results or understanding or insight or experience. She wants smoke to be blown up her ass. She wants to be shmoozed. The psychopath wants the authority to be in tact so that he will have as much power as possible when he possesses the power so he will always argue for power even if it is against his wishes and everybody else’s. Because the child was over coddled by the mother, protected from reality, he has this feeling that he is better than others, innately superior, and incapable of doing wrong. Everything that he does is good because he is the one doing it. So some magical force makes all of his self interested strategic behavior harmless for the world and beneficent for himself. This happens on a subconscious level because being raised in a bubble that is all he experienced. Thank you mom.
 We live in the most feminine country in the world and no matter what happens women never take responsibility for the course of events. There is no hostile internal dialogue between American women and I do not trust any group of people that do not have a strong, open, internal dialogue. I don’t trust, Muslims, Mexicans, bankers, the stock market, I am sure there are others but I can’t remember who they are. . . .These lobbying organizations have spent decades silencing the masculine voice to the point where we are becoming a 3rd world country. We are too weak and stupid and dishonest to compete with the world anymore. Women presuppose the surplus created by men and their participation as well while not taking into account their desires, perspective, and happiness. Women are ruining our country just like they did ancient Rome.
 In order to unleash the highest common good, every person needs to be highly and equally educated. In Sparta, the person that was standing next to you in the phalanx, owned the farm next to you, and was voting against you on the same law in the senate. Our country was conceived with such men. That was when we were great. We are not allowed to be great like that anymore. Those men pooled their knowledge and wisdom, shared best processes, studied history, philosophy, learned about nature and how to succeed. When society is specialized, which happens in order to create profit, every person has a fractured, partial understanding, their language of experience doesn’t allow them to communicate understand or agree with the other person. the guy that puts the face on the cell phone doesn’t understand the guy that does the oil change. Just like in northern Europe and Israel, it should be mandatory for every person to spend two years in the military defending the country, because it is every Americans responsibility. Politicians would be less likely to send other peoples children to sacrifice themselves to fill their own wallets. On upon the end of their stint, they should be given a military rifle to put in their home. Don’t forget we are a nation, “of the people, by the people, and for the people”. Not of the corporations, by the people, and for the profit.
One of the tenets of communism was From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs “Jeder nach seinen Fähigkeiten, jedem nach seinen Bedürfnissen!” what this does is create a disparate impact in favor of those not capable of getting results in the real world. The capable work for the incapable, the philosopher kings work for the greedy children, and bitter widow. It creates a counter incentive for success. We are not free to, we are free from. Similarly, big business, the way we are practicing it, takes money out of the Oikos, the economy, and that money goes somewhere else. We are not keeping our money in our house. We are letting these corporate fiefdom harvest the fruit from our labor and dictate where it should go.
There are certain methods for increasing perceived value for the sake of extracting more profit. You can do more work, do it faster, lower the price, do it better, offer more support, more services, new technology, but the problem is that unlike ancient Sparta the person extracting the profit is not the person doing the work. The person extracting the work was promoted because he doesn’t harsh the buzz of his superior and because of a lack of sympathy for the person creating all the value making all the sacrifice. So this corporate douche bag, a glorified whip cracker, says, “DO THE JOB BETTER, FASTER, PAY MORE ATTENTION, BE NICE TO THE CUSTOMER, THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT, YOU NEED TO TAKE A PAY CUT!” and if you participate, that person turns around and puts down on his resume how successful he was and he gets a promotion and moves higher in the company so he can show less sympathy to more people and extract even more profit and have even less understanding.
I will leave you with a few quotes I have always found poignant:

I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial by strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country. Thomas Jefferson 


I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.Thomas Jefferson 

Assuming that enough has been already said in discussions outside the school concerning the best life, we will now only repeat what is contained in them. Certainly no one will dispute the propriety of that partition of goods which separates them into three classes, viz., external goods, goods of the body, and goods of the soul, or deny that the happy man must have all three. For no one would maintain that he is happy who has not in him a particle of courage or temperance or justice or prudence, who is afraid of every insect which flutters past him, and will commit any crime, however great, in order to gratify his lust of meat or drink, whowill sacrifice his dearest friend for the sake of half-a-farthing, and is as feeble and false in mind as a child or a madman.
~ Aristotle
Now it is evident that the form of government is best in which every man, whoever he is, can act best and live happily. But even those who agree in thinking that the life of virtue is the most eligible raise a question, whether the life of business and politics is or is not moreeligible than one which is wholly independent of external goods, I mean than a contemplative life, which by some is maintained to be the only one worthy of a philosopher. For these two lives- the life of the philosopher and the life of the statesman- appear to have been preferred by those who have been most keen in the pursuit of virtue, both in our own and in other ages. Which is the better is a question of no small moment; for the wise man, like the wise state, will necessarily regulate his life according to the best end.
~ Aristotle
Those who make themselves a market for the world only do so for the sake of revenue, and if a state ought not to desire profit of this kind it ought not to have such an emporium. Nowadays we often see in countries and cities dockyards and harbors very conveniently placed outside the city, but not too far off; and they are kept in dependence by walls and similar fortifications. Cities thus situated manifestly reap the benefit of intercourse with their ports; and any harm which is likely to accrue may be easily guarded against by the laws, which will pronounce and determine who may hold communication with one another, and who may not.
These are the services which every state may be said to need. For a state is not a mere aggregate of persons, but a union of them sufficing for the purposes of life; and if any of these things be wanting, it is as we maintain impossible that the community can be absolutely self-sufficing. A state then should be framed with a view to the fulfillment of these functions. There must be husbandmen to procure food, and artisans, and a warlike and a wealthy class, and priests, and judges to decide what is necessary and expedient.
Now the soul of man is divided into two parts, one of which has a rational principle in itself, and the other, not having a rational principle in itself, is able to obey such a principle. And we call a man in any way good because he has the virtues of these two parts. In which of them the end is more likely to be found is no matter of doubt to those who adopt our division; for in the world both of nature and of art the inferior always exists for the sake of the better or superior, and the better or superior is that which has a rational principle.
And the preference given to one or the other class of actions must necessarily be like the preference given to one or other part of the soul and its actions over the other; there must be war for the sake of peace, business for the sake of leisure, things useful and necessary for the sake of things honorable. All these points the statesman should keep in view when he frames his laws; he should consider the parts of the soul and their functions, and above all the better and the end; he should also remember the diversities of human lives and actions. For men must be able to engage in business and go to war, but leisure and peace are better; they must do what is necessary and indeed what is useful, but what is honorable is better. On such principles children and persons of every age which requires education should be trained. Whereas even the Hellenes of the present day who are reputed to be best governed, and the legislators who gave them their constitutions, do not appear to have framed their governments with a regard to the best end, or to have given them laws and education with a view to all the virtues, but in a vulgar spirit have fallen back on those which promised to be more useful and profitable.
Neither should men study war with a view to the enslavement of those who do not deserve to be enslaved; but first of all they should provide against their own enslavement, and in the second place obtain empire for the good of the governed, and not for the sake of exercising a general despotism, and in the third place they should seek to be masters only over those who deserve to be slaves. Facts, as well as arguments, prove that the legislator should direct all his military and other measures to the provision of leisure and the establishment of peace. For most of these military states are safe only while they are at war, but fall when they have acquired their empire; like unused iron they lose their temper in time of peace. And for this the legislator is to blame, he never having taught them how to lead the life of peace.