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Atheists for Donald Trump


Saving America


All of my life has been an uphill battle, now just as all of my hard work should be about to pay off, the entire playing field is being slanted against me. I was raised Jehovah’s Witness, if I had it to do over again I would have had myself emancipated, so I was raised in an environment of brain washing and I didn’t have a lot of options. As I escaped my toxic family, rehabilitated myself, and made an effort to provide for myself without any support system, I learned many things that were contrary to the way I was raised. Not the least of which is that America is a pretty damn good Country and the Greatest Force of Good on the Planet. She is worth dying for because there are people in the world that will kill us in order to destroy her and vice versa. Frankly speaking, people don’t have the option of not fighting for her, because if she falters, that fight is going to be on your doorstep. This blog is a list of urgent suggestions that must happen for America to survive and made great again.


We have to teach the constitution and civics to our children. We need to teach our history to our children and we need to teach them that the United States of America is the Greatest Nation the World has ever seen. We need to teach them the philosophy behind our government and the separation of powers. We need to teach our children how the Founding Fathers related to one another in a positive and rational way, encouraging the better angels in one another and not antagonizing the worser demons. America might not be a Nation founded on Christianity but we are the most Christian Nation and our national values are congruent with those of Christianity. It was Christianity that allowed for the protection, promotion, and distribution of the ideas that became America.


Affirmative action is by it’s very definition prejudice, it is showing somebody preferential treatment because of their race or sex. Create a Meritocracy of Reason and Results and you make sure everybody is highly and equally educated. Then everybody can move about freely. Vexatious litigations suck money out of our economy and they are designed to it is a form of monetary and legal harassment. When you tell people that they are victims and reward them for being victims they don’t have an incentive to succeed or become non victims. They become toxic leaches and social pariahs. Historically the bar for citizenry was set at whether you would be able to obey the laws and create value for that society. If you couldn’t worship the Ideals/Idols of that Nation you weren’t welcome.


Every aspect of Sharia law must be banned including the Burqa in every corner of the United States. Our Founding Fathers created our government to protect us from tyranny in any form. Sharia law is the very definition of tyranny and completely opposed to everything that this country stands for. If Muslims do not agree to having Sharia Law banned then Islam should not be categorized as a religion (it isn’t one anyway) but instead an Invasive War Cult. Liberal Progressives will argue out of ignorance that I am wrong because they stupidly think the enemy of their enemy is their friend, and Liberals are self-loathing. Atheists will argue incorrectly that all religions are the same conveniently ignoring the fact that all other religions in the world get along with each other and 70–90% of the violence in the world is done by Islam.


There is no deep meaning behind our not having a national language. The 3 largest groups of immigrants during the creation of our nation were Germans, French, and British, to choose one language would have created a disparate impact in favor of that ethnic group and those three nations were constantly at war in order to establish dominance over the others. But English has become the de facto language of the United States and English has become the lingua-franca of Science. That’s right people learn English so they can learn the best science. We also need to seal the Border with Mexico and invoke Kate’s Law. If people want to come here, it is because they want to increase the quality of their lives. It is our values that created that surplus, so if you come here you are going to embrace our values. Why are we letting illegals work and vote when 41% of the population is unemployed? Either Obama is insane or evil.


Religious people, stop arguing against evolution. If you study Jewish Exegesis you know that the bible wasn’t written literally, so your fundamentalist interpretations are invalid. Furthermore, you preclude the fact that God could have created Evolution. What should be more of interest to you is that relationship between Intelligence and the Universe, why is intelligence in the Universe in the first place? Is it native to the universe or did it come from somewhere else? If Intelligence came from outside of the Universe that is a rhetorical tautology of a God. We have never seen or touched intelligence, we only see secondary evidence of Intelligence. We can’t quantify Intelligence. What percentage of the Universe is Intelligent? What percentage of the Earth? What percentage of the Body? What percentage of the Brain? The people that created the religions were deists, not theists, and for all of them their god was Intelligence or Reason. Stop hiding from Knowledge, that is how you take in accurate knowledge of God. Jesus was God’s son because he was the incarnation of Logic and Reason which is why he was called the Logos.


Deborah Tannen created the science of male and female communication rituals. The Obama regime and the Elitist, Feminist, Libtard Progressives are trying to emasculate our minds by forcing us into female communication rituals in the form of radical political correctness in order to create a Meritocracy of Pleasantness. This isn’t rational or sustainable. It is as though they are using George Orwell’s 1984 as some kind of master plan. In philosophy you have Parrhesia and Agonism. If you aren’t allowed to disagree that is not a democracy that is a tyranny. A meritocracy of pleasantness creates a passive aggressive environment in which psychopaths can flourish, because that environment doesn’t prevent lying or misrepresenting one self. Muslims not only survive remarkably well in such environments they insist on them, but if you tell the truth about the pathological lying, serial murdering, child raping, genocidal maniac they call their prophet they will kill you 🙂


What has recently come to light thanks to the help I received from Bill O’reilly and Fox News is that Liberal Progressive Agenda in higher education to only hire radical, America hating leftists, and Democrats, but to fire Republicans, Conservatives, and Christian from teaching. Indeed one article recently posted in the New Yorker said that all scientists should be militant atheists. It is reminiscent of when Adolf Hitler said, “There are Jews teaching science in the Universities!!!” Colleges should allow debate and embrace diversity, conflict, and conversation, this is quite the opposite. Either all of these Universities need to be sued into bankruptcy or all of their funding needs to be suspended, or a third option . . . Externalize the hierarchy, let anybody take any test and compete with any college student whether or not they have had the education. People need to start creating little enclaves of education enthusiasts where they get together and debate rationally and learn high philosophy. How do you think the Founding Fathers did it? There weren’t always schools in America you know. They build libraries and shared their knowledge. You can do the same, all you need is philosophical relationships. All the colleges are doing anyway is indoctrinating people into regurgitating their shibboleths. They are creating an Outlier rich environment because of who they are excluding They are arrogant, stupid, and greedy. They are also attenuating the curriculum in order to extract more profit. What you are getting from college is mostly debt and an over inflated sense of accomplishment that has prepared you to fail with infinite precision or to be a pathological liar.


41% of the Nation is unemployed partly because of Obama’s colossal failure to create jobs, but also because of his preventing other people from creating those jobs. With another tyrannical Executive Order he slapped down the keystone pipeline and shunted money into the pocket of his personal friend Warren Buffet. Obama has added more to the national debt than all of the presidents combined. Is it part of his strategy to collapse the United States and cause the ultimate failure of Capitalism a source of evil according to Democratic Socialists like Noam Chomsky? Yes. If you look at what he has spent money on in his office he spent money doing the opposite of what the people of the United States wanted, putting it into projects he knew would fail or that we would get no return on, like training Syrians to fight ISIS and sending our troops to Africa to help with the Ebola outbreak. There is NO WAY that we can pay down our National Debt when half the nation is unemployed and on welfare or unemployment insurance (I am currently on unemployment insurance, fired from Whole Foods Market after 12 years because of my online Anti-Sharia law advocacy, categorized as hate speech under the current Tyranny of Radical Political Correctness). Furthermore, this arrogance that Democratic Socialists have that we are the cause of all of the evil in the world and if we only put down our swords and stop working all of the other people in the world will stop industrializing, polluting the environment, and trying to kill other people. This arrogant presupposition that everybody in the world has the same values and is equally moral is preposterous and demonstrably wrong. We have already found out that China was lying about reducing their pollution output, and the entire world is devolving not only into Anarchy but war, genocide and racial cleansing is happening right now and increasing. And who the hell put Saudi Arabia in charge of the United Nations human rights council? In 1,400 years Islam has managed to snatch up 55 countries and convert everyone to Islam or kill them, think about it if you think everybody in the world is equally moral or that we can afford not to be the police of the world.


After High School every able bodied American needs to spend 2 years in the Armed Forces. If they don’t then for the rest of their lives they don’t get to speak as an authority on the defense of the Nation. If you are not willing to perform what is a necessary function and has to be provided for you by someone else then you don’t get to tell them how to go about protecting you. This will increase patriotism and awareness of who the enemies of our state are. It will prevent a smug sense of moral superiority based on ignorance and cowardice that is all too common in the circles of Liberal, Feminist, Progressives. It will increase our readiness to go to war, it will increase the people in the armed forces, it will increase gun knowledge and gun safety, and it will make any politician think twice before sending our children off to battle without good reason. This will have a moralizing and sobering affect on our society as a whole, it will prevent the otherizing of the armed forces, and remove the negative stigma associated with service.


I seriously think that Atheist Trolls will become the laughing stock of the internet like when people have those pictures of themselves in the bell bottoms of the 70s with their fu manchu moustaches and their polyester shirts. It never ceases to amaze me how many of these Liberal Atheist Trolls are in their 50’s or 60’s, Highly Educated (by the standards of our corrupt educational system), and posting from anonymous sock accounts. It was everybody’s creepy uncle that didn’t want the 70’s to die. Likewise, Atheist trolls seem not to realize that people are getting sick of their antics and growing immune to their tactics and abuse. You have to realize that the Internet hasn’t been around that long and it was created as a meritocracy of Reason and Results. Shortly after that it was hi-jacked by the Dawkinite flying monkeys of Richard Dawkins who attempted to humiliate people for expressing themselves and convert them to the cult of Scientism with Sneaky Dick as his prophet. For those of you that haven’t figured it out, Dawkins “Meme” neologism has been used by Atheist Trolls online not only as a kind of Psychological Warfare against the religious, (mainly Christians and Jews because Dawkinites are intellectual cowards and they know that Muslims are a protected category and they will kill you) but also as a form of Propaganda to conflate Atheism with science, morality, and intelligence. I am certain that Dick really just benchmarked the Pollock Joke used by the Nazi’s to demoralize the Polish before they killed off all of the Artists and Intellectuals. Dawkins got a little carried away with his influence when he exposed himself as a closeted pedophile sympathist and lost a good deal of his momentum, Atheists become very grumpy when reminded of this subject. What people are starting to realize about the snarky online goon squad of mentally unstable and emotionally morbid psychopaths that has Ricky smirking to himself as he luls himself to sleep with is teddy bear in his onesy, after he kisses the picture of Justin Bieber from 5 years ago that he keeps on his night stand, is that you can no more discredit Religion by harassing the stupidest religious people than you can falsify Atheism by exposing the stupidest atheists.

Anthropomorphization in Taoist and Shinto literature.


In Taoist and Shinto literature they use an interesting literary device for communicating certain types of data.  They anthropomorphize animals, objects, and entities.  The animal or entity will essentially stay in character and communicate data that is consistent with it’s behavior.  These stories are written in an old style known as the “hieros logos” which is a sacred conversation usually between two people.  In the Vaigyan Bhairav Tantra this sacred conversation takes place between Shiva and Shakti.  Jallaladin Rumi had this sacred conversation with Shams.  In this sacred conversation deep spiritual, psychological, and philosophical truths are communicated to the reader.  In the story of the Scorpion and the Frog the psychology of the psychopath is communicated.  I refer to the information being communicated as sapiential data. 

In this style of literature their is a presupposition of the philosophical nature of the entity speaking and the observation of praxis which is the practice or process of living the philosophy.  Everything that is said is a rhetorical tautology of the philosophy or personality of the entity speaking, which allows this literary device to communicate sapiential data.  The western world has largely become irrational no longer philosophical or even attempting to live or acquire any manner of philosophy.  The entity speaking can’t say anything out of character for this reason.  This concept of praxis in my psychological models taught me that everything a person thinks is reflected in what they say and do, even if it is concealed or misrepresented.  I refer to actions as dynamic tautologies of thoughts and words when it is authentic and not strategic.


It is a huge source of frustration for me that the arrogant, snide, snarky atheists attempt to prevent the artistic and poetic communication of wisdom in this form.  Instead of looking at how something is true and useful they scoff and mock the fact that it could never happen and in doing so they miss the import of the message.  Atheists that do this are horrible people.  They act as though they have been personally attacked by the artistic expression of a person.  It is so stupid that it is evil, in expressing myself artistically I am not dictating to you or anyone else what they must think or believe.  It demonstrates not only the insanity of Atheists but their narcissism to think that they can get offended at anything for any reason and then to retaliate as though they were attacked by the expression of another.  To carry their tacit bias to it’s logical end all fiction books should be burned and science fiction movies shouldn’t be made or watched.  I find it repellent that these terrible people aren’t smart enough to evaluate how full of crap they are.  What they are scorning is creative intelligence.  Nobody that possesses creative intelligence in any discernible degree would criticize it in another.

It is one thing to dislike something and to not watch it yourself but to try to prevent others from expressing themselves in a creative way or to prevent others from reading or watching is evil and stupid.  I have seen these atheists maliciously slandering and lying about people expressing themselves artistically, creatively, and spiritually in an attempt to change how others think about those people.  Psychopaths disrespect the boundaries of others and that is what these Atheists are, psychopaths.  They can’t see that they have overstepped the boundary of common sense.  They can’t see that they are not offering a service but a disservice, they are not making the world better but worse.  I pray for the day to come when everything atheists have tried to do and have done to others will be visited on their own persons.

I often contemplate how much noise pollution is created by atheists, how much useless conversation that does’t move towards a solution and isn’t productive.  Just crappy, emotionally abusive atheists, wasting bandwidth, and everybody’s time.  They don’t exist for anything they exist against something.  They are defined by what they are against.  They are space fillers, oxygen thieves, light blockers.  They aren’t here to contribute to but to antagonize and detract from as a testament to their emotional morbidity.


Torah Explained for Atheists part 3. Rabbi Ba’al Shivah

4 rabbi

I am going to open this piece with an exposition of the 4 rabbi’s that went into Paradise or PaRDeS and the exegesis of the story.  Later, I will return to the intro to the The Zohar: Pritzker Edition, translated with commentary by Daniel C. Matt.  Those portions that are not sourced come from the Zohar.  Let’s begin. 

The version in the Babylonian Talmud, which is the best-known, may be translated:

The Rabbis taught: Four entered the Pardes. They were Ben Azzai, Ben Zoma, Acher and Rabbi Akiva. Rabbi Akiva said to them, “When you come to the place of pure marble stones, do not say, ‘Water! Water!’ for it is said, ‘He who speaks untruths shall not stand before My eyes’ (Psalms 101:7)”. Ben Azzai gazed and died. Regarding him the verse states, ‘Precious in the eyes of G-d is the death of His pious ones’ (Psalms 116:15). Ben Zoma gazed and was harmed. Regarding him the verse states, ‘Did you find honey? Eat as only much as you need, lest you be overfilled and vomit it’ (Proverbs 25:16). Acher cut down the plantings. Rabbi Akiva entered in peace and left in peace.[3]

In the commentary printed beside the Talmud text, Rashi says that Ben Azzai died from looking at the Divine Presence. Ben Zoma‘s harm was in losing his sanity. Acher‘s “cutting down the plantings” in the orchard refers to becoming a heretic from the experience. Acher means “the other one”, and is the Talmudic term for thesageElisha ben Avuya. Rabbi Akiva, in contrast to the other three, became the leading Rabbinic figure of the era.


“Again and again Rabbi Shim’on waxes eloquent in the praise of those who study Torah, especially those who do so after midnight.  They indeed take the place of the priests and Levites of old, ‘who stand in the house of the Lord by night.’  Those who awaken nightly to study the secrets of Torah become the earthly attendants of the divine bride, ushering Her into the chamber where She will unite at dawn with Her heavenly spouse.”

This is interesting to me for a few reasons, the reference to studying Torah at midnight is interesting because it is after midnight that one practices black magick in Voodoo, modern Voodoo is based on the 6th and 7th books of Moses.  Voodoo is something you use when you have no resources and you are fighting an enemy with all the resources.  This passage portrays the Levites as a kind of Guardian, hyper vigilant to an attack from the enemy, standing in a heightened state of suspicious awareness while everybody else slumbers.

“Torah, in the Zohar is not conceived as a text, as an object, or as material, but as a living divine presence, engaged in a mutual relationship with the person who studies her.  More than that, in the zoharic consciousness Torah is compared to a beloved who carries on with her lovers a mutual dynamic courtship.”

Remember if you will my theory that the cult of the Augures who created the philosophy of law, science, and religion in the West were associated with India and the Hebrews.  The High Priest of the cult of the Augures meditated on the divine law that infused the universe, he didn’t create the law and he was subject to it.  Even the separation of powers of the president is modeled after the Philosophy of the Augure cult.  Think of Torah as the divine law that governs events in the universe.

“The beloved in the nexus of this rrelationship is entirely active.  She sends signals of her interest to her lover, she intensifies his passionate desire for her by games of revealing and hiding.  She discloses secrets that stir his curiosity.  She desires to be loved.  The beloved is is closed in an erotic progression before her lover out of a desire to reveal secrets that have been forever hidden within her.

…the day when God gave Torah to Israel and proclaimed His love for her in the song of songs.”

a rhetorical tautology of God giving man a soul by giving him philosophy…


“In the Zohar, the true subject matter that the kabbalist finds in every verse is the hieros gamos itself, the mystical union of the divine male and female – the eros that underlies and transforms Torah, making it into a symbolic textbook on the inner erocit life of God.”

I am going to paraphrase a bit, many of the texts that make the Zohar are of the stories of the rabbis under the tutelage of Rabbi Shim’on.  They like the apostles of Jesus wander and teach others, in that journey, as they are having this mystical conversation on the nature of reality and remembering their experiences and what they learn, they often encounter people and beings that have more awareness of certain principles that govern the universe and human behavior than they do.  This knowledge also enters into their canon.

“The world as first created was a true Garden of Eden because the blessed Holy One and the Sheckinah were fact to face, joined in constant embrace like that of the upper sefirot Hokhmah and Binah.  Divine blessing thus coursed through the system without interruption…”

At this point in time the Jewish people didn’t believe in making visual artistic depictions of men or animals because they feared it would lead to idolatry, but here I can trace the rhetorical tautologies and movement of ideas in this fashion.  


According to the Dalai Lama, Samantabhadra is the highest form of Buddha.  I think he meant this because this form of the Buddha represents God as the Creator in his male and female aspect, if you ponder you realize that in order to create you have to include feminine and masculine.  It might interest you to know that Heinrich Zimmer whose work was published and edited posthumously by Joseph Campbell had determined in his investigations that Buddhism was an offshoot of Hinduism as the Buddhas came from India and Nepal.  

Here the author makes mention of the myth of Plato which I will expound on for those of you who are not aware of it, and he connects it with the early Jewish myth, which is not only interesting in its implications it is also appropriate in light of my theories.

The Symposium Quotes
 “According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.”
“…and when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, whether he be a lover of youth or a lover of another sort, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other’s sight, as I may say, even for a moment…”
When he said this he was using the word Philia, or Brotherly love, or fraternal love, making a reference to a philosophical family, notice the word philosophy has the words philia and sophia in it.  The single soul would be Sophia, or Psyche, or Torah.  This also has to do with the Philosophy of Greek Astrology if that is interesting, you can read this piece that I wrote.  https://thoughtuncommon.wordpress.com/2013/09/08/philosophy-of-astrology/
hermaphrodite (n.) Look up hermaphrodite at Dictionary.comlate 14c. (harmofroditus), from Latin hermaphroditus, from Greek Hermaphroditos (Latin Hermaphroditus), son of Hermes and Aphrodite, who, in Ovid, was loved by the nymph Salmacis so ardently that she prayed for complete union with him and as a result they were united bodily, combining male and female characteristics. Also used figuratively in Middle English of “one who improperly occupies two offices.” As a name for the condition, Middle English had hermofrodito (late 14c.), hermofrodisia(early 15c.). As an adjective, from c.1600.  http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=hermaphrodite
“Adam and eve according to the aggadah, were siamese twins, conjoined back to back.  This single being is that described in Genesis 1:27:  “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”  …in the following chapter is the separation of this pair, in which they are first turned to face-to-face to one another, …  They had to be “sawed apart” so they might be properly united.”

If we wanted to get really esoteric I could trace this idea all the way back to India for you.  Do you double dog dare me?


I entered in piece and left in piece so I will leave it to the rest of you to figure out who burns the plants, who drops dead, and who goes insane.