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I have always found this interesting, because if you examine the modern rhetoric the 1950’s would be the ideal time as far as women are concerned if you believe what they tell you about what they want from relationship.  It was also the hay day of the color chartreuse, which is interesting because according to a witch I once studied under, it was used in insane asylums to keep the patients calm.  Yes, chartreuse keeps you sane when you are about to go fucking nuts apparently.  What I am getting at is that women should have been very happy.  Men were loyal, families were big, everything was in its proper place and everybody knew their duty.  The only problem is that women were not getting laid.  Oh, noes!  What to do???




The phenomena of rape fantasies started popping up.  The reason that this is interesting is what it tells us about the female psyche.  Women do not and will not take responsibility for their sexual desires.  Due to the innate feminine need to be pursued, to be the object of desire, the rape fantasy was constructed to remove from herself responsibility for the sex act.  She was not initiating it.  She was not pursuing the man.  It was the fact that she was so sexy he could not contain himself, he had to force himself on her.  In a way her desirability was to blame.  This is fascinating too because women reify their attractiveness and (we will get into this later as I keep on writing down my theories) the value of their vagina.  Yes, women associate their vagina with monetary value.  If she enjoyed it a little she can’t really be held accountable because she didn’t have a choice. 

So what were the men doing?  They had hobbies, they were being fathers, they were involved in intellectual pursuits.  My grandpa was an ex-navy architect with 5 children when my grandma banged her doctor, she was a nurse by the way, and they were Jehovah’s Witnesses……  Even when women have everything exactly the way they want it, they still are not content.  What is interesting to me is that women desiring their own sexual fantasies at the same time judge and refuse to participate with male fantasies.  And don’t talk to me about porn because women get paid like 10 to 100 times what men get paid.  That has NOTHING to do with satisfying a man, that has to do with getting paid.  

You can read more on an article I wrote on the subject that talks about how women rationalize this and thoughts like these here…