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The Transgressively Sacral Humor of Adam Wolfe




Transgressive Sacrality is a practice originally from the Aghori Shaivist tradition of India.  It was a meditation for fostering non-duality of mind.  A yogi would do something unconscionable like drinking urine, or eating feces, or a small piece of a corpse floating down the Ganges.  This was meant as a cure for thinking one self pure and therefore superior to others.  


Adam Wolfe feels that if you can be offended, you need to be offended.  Stand up comedy is the last bastion of freedom of speech in this country and there is a war on it.  The countries narrative has become increasingly more feminized, and he is referring to feminine communication rituals and the new science of psycholinguistics.  There is an effort to make all communication pleasant.  Gone is the country where we used to say, 

In what context did Patrick Henry say i may not agree with what you say but I will fight to the death your right to say it?

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Simply, he posed the statement in the frame of what our country was founded on. The context is simple, your beliefs should be available for free expression and you should have an unquestioned right to express those beliefs. Our society has become so hyper politically correct it is sad that this question even exists
If it is unpleasant it is untrue, and you can’t say it.  The masculine perspective, the masculine voice in this country is being strangled.  We no longer have freedom of speech we have freedom from speech.  People win by being offended.  This prevents an honesty of dialogue and a clearing of debris.  The “prophetic speech” of Cornel West is being illegalized.  


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For the moth genus, see Parrhesia (moth). For the region of Ancient Greece, see Parrhasia (Arcadia).

In rhetoricparrhesia is a figure of speech described as: to speak candidly or to ask forgiveness for so speaking.[1] The term is borrowed from the Greek παρρησία (πᾶν “all” + ῥῆσις / ῥῆμα “utterance, speech”) meaning literally “to speak everything” and by extension “to speak freely,” “to speak boldly,” or “boldness.” It implies not only freedom of speech, but the obligation to speak the truth for the common good, even at personal risk.

The very language of philosophy that predisposes itself to being understood is being undermined.  This puritannical raising of the bar doesn’t allow understanding, debate, agreement, or even comedy.  It encourages people to wear their feelings on their sleeve and if they get offended they win and they get to extract a fee from anyone.  This creates an incentive for histrionic fits and histrionic personalities.  People being aquisitively mimetic as they are copy behaviors they see rewarded and nobody games the system more than functional psychopaths.  


Adam Wolfe has declared war on the status quo, knowing that this direction is doomed to failure and it is unamerican.  The street should not be an aseptic environment, an aseptic environment is a dead environment, if you can’t handle the filth on the street stay your ass inside.  From his perspective nothing is sacred and everything is fair game.  He is sacrilegious sometimes, insightful, humorous, scathingly brilliant, and dangerous.  He is a reincarnation of the spirit of Mark Twain and the Founding fathers. 








First of all let me say that I am a fan and I like edutainment and I still bump that shit as I drive down the road in my little white Toyota yaris with my Shiva decal and my om namah shivayah tattoo.  Having said that I am not going to destroy your argument, annihilation, evisceration, decimation, with my philosophy, philology, ontology, 

We’re robbin’ and killin’, your own medicine you taste 
You built up a race on the concept of violence 
Now in ’90 you want silence 
Well, I want science, not silence but science 
Scientific fact about black 
The board of education acts as if it’s only reality 
Is talking ’bout a Tom, Dick and Harry 
So now you learn your black history is questions and answers 
Every question but the Black Panthers 
Timbuctoo existed when the caveman existed 
Why then isn’t this listed 
Is this because the blackman is the original man 
Or does it mean humanity is African 
I don’t know, but these sciences are hidden 
For some strange reason it’s forbidden 
To talk about, or converse on a political outburst 
I don’t believe that I’m the first 
Or should I say the first one, or the first one that’s done 
Music like I’m still number one 
Music like that or this is the incredible uplift 
Those that oppose get dissed 
But who will oppose the teacher when society’s a wreck 
So check the blackman’s in effect 
Near the Tigris and Euphrates Valleys in Asia 
Lies the Garden of Eden 
Where Adam became a father to humanity 
Now don’t get mad at me 
But according to facts, this seems just fantasy 
Because man, the most ancient man 
Was found thousands of years before Adam began 
And where he was found, again they can’t laugh at ya 
It’s right, dead, smack in Africa 
But due to religious and political power 
We must be denied the facts every hour 
We run to school, tryin’ to get straight A’s 
Let’s take a trip way back in the days 
To the first civilization on Earth, the Egyptians 
Giving birth to science, mathematics and music 
Religion, the list goes on, you choose it 
Egypt was the land of spiritual blessing 
Egypt was the land of facts, not guessing 
People from all over the world had come 
To learn from Egypt, Egypt number one 
So people that believe in Greek philosophy 
Know your facts, Egypt was the monopoly 
Greeks had learned from Egyptian masters 
You might say “Prove it”, well here’s the answers 
640 to 322 b.C. originates Greek philosophy 
But in that era Greece was at war 
With themselves and Persia, what’s more 
Any philosopher at that time was a criminal 
He’d be killed very simple 
This indicates that Greece had no respect 
For science or intellect 
So how the hell you created philosophy 
When you kill philosophers constantly 
The point is that we descend from kings 
Science, art and beautiful things 
African history is the worlds history 
This is the missing link and mystery 
Once we realise they all are African 
White will sit down with black and laugh again 
So judge not least ye might be judged 
By the judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged 
Matthew seven, first verse doesn’t budge 
No man should walk the Earth and sludge 
If you don’t believe, you can go and check 
To see how and where the blackman’s in effect



Now, this point about Greece hating philosophers….. Above is a link to okko Behrands THE SPIRIT OF ROMAN LAW, the foremost expert in the world on the subject.  The augures were a pre Greek Minoan cult.  Their philosophy shaped and still shapes and informs the entire structure of the civilized western world.  They developed the concept of authority, auctoritas, this concept of being under the law and beholding to it.  That is why their is Praxis which became due process and practice.  It is when your philosophy informs your behavior and not the opposite.  In order to speak with authority you have to walk your talk, the high priest is not above the law and does not create the law, like plato suggests he is the philosopher king and he can see into the archetypal causal world of ideas and idols and describe the correct relationship and the correct path.  I refer to it as “equality under reason” and it is the very definition of meritocracy which is the only valid form of government.  To explain the impact this cult had on the western world would be impossible, the words that we use to think, our very thought process was created for us and given to us by this cult.  The words that we are using, the mental categories that we have, our concept of justice and truth.  Your brain is not your brain and your thoughts are not your thoughts, your brain was created by this Greek cult.  

Egypt, like all major civilizations, had a large middle class, tradesmen, craftsmen, secret societies, it is the large middle class that moved freely from country to country spreading ideas.  This is how religions spread and philosophies spread.  This is how freemasonry moves about.  You appear to be suggesting that civilization was somehow stolen from black people by white people.  Why is it that people attribute civilization to people that currently don’t have it?  and the people that do have it somehow stole it from the people that don’t have it?  Is being civilized a finite resource and white people are using too much of it?  Are you arguing for the tragedy of the commons in regards to civilized thought? 

“A man will not relay without corruption that which he has not comprehended.”  Manly Palmer Hall

This argument is part of a recurring rhetoric to marginalize the creativity and achievement of white man.  Since the white man had the intellectual apparatus to grasp the concepts and philosophies and carry that fire with him does he not own it by being able to comprehend it?  and reproduce it?  Now, if this fire can’t be handed to another without it burning them should it not be held by the person capable of holding it until such a time as the other is ready to receive it?  and should not the one that desires the fire make himself like the one holding the fire so that he also might not get burned by the fire?  Or should I put out my fire so that we are equal and neither of us has fire? 


^^^^iconographic art of joxua mourningstar^^^^

On another point, this concept of all of the music on the street being stolen from black people.  The reason people say that is because of jazz, now lets be clear, jazz is a realm of experimentation one goes into to find their unique sound.  When a person experiments to find their sound, does jazz then own that sound?  See Cornel West and i agree on this point and we have come to the same conclusion about jazz.  If a race can own a realm of experimentation that makes no sense.  Is Neil degrasse tyson stealing science because he is using scientific method which was created by white people?  

And to suggest that music and even rap didn’t exist in the white world before the intermarriage of African culture and western culture is ridiculous.  



and on a final note this concept of a rap battle being a black thing, one of my favorite scenes in literature and my favorite play it Cyrano De Bergerac.  In the first act of the play he composes a sonnet while he is having a duel.  the reason we don’t do this anymore in the west is because of white women.  They like to put our dick in a box and keep it in their closet and only let us take it out and play with it every once in a while.  Steve Martin, my idol, remade this movie and called it Roxanne.  Apparently we share a love of Cyrano de Bergerac.  



We will never solve racism in this country moving in the direction we are moving in.  Once you get victim status everybody agrees that anybody that says anything unpleasant to you, even if it is true is a bad person.  We let one group beat up on another group as payback.  I remember when I was a kid some black leader said something very important, I wish I could remember his name but more importantly I remember his words.

“there is no such thing as reverse discrimination, it is just regular old prejudice.”

What I am about to say is a logical fallacy that I believe I am the first person to point out.  There is the general, the specific, and the personal.  If something happens to me it is personal.  If something happens to my friend it is specific, and if something happens in general that is the general rule.  When people make judgments, when they talk, when they behave strategically to make the world a better place they forget this one simple rule.  I am not white people, I did not take your land, I do not have millions of dollars from my plantation, I didn’t own slaves, I didn’t prevent women from getting the vote, I didn’t kill off the native Americans, and I refuse to be punished for it or apologize for being a strong white man.

Here is another interesting question, based on the same logic, if I can be blamed for the crimes of my ancestors and my sex, how come I never get praised for things that white people and men have done that are good?  Thank you for inventing science!  Thank  you for inventing civil rights!  Thank you for civilization and chivalry!  Thank you for television and the internet!  How come that never happens?


Conflationary thinking is prejudice.  Thinking you can make the world a better place by singling out a person based on color or sex and attack them, blame them, scapegoat them and that will right some wrong you perceive is stupid and if you think that you are an idiot and too stupid to detect your own bullshit.  You don’t change the way you treat your friends or acquaintances because of some event that has nothing to do with either of you.

The way that you change the general rule for the positive is you succeed in your relationships and you return good for good and you don’t let things going on in the world influence the way you are in relationship with your friends.  The only thing that matters is what I do to you, how I treat you.  You don’t know why I did what I did to someone else or why I said what I said to someone else, you only know how I treat you.  What has transpired between us. Image

It has become normal for people to apologize for their race or for their sex with their behavior.  But you are feeding into a logical fallacy.  You are participating with the validity of stupidity from the mind of a moron.  We are enforcing this pleasantness of speech so that we can’t talk about the real issues.  One groups opinion and experiences are wrong because it comes from them, they are wrong for having it and they aren’t allowed to voice it.  As long as we can’t speak freely on the subject there will be no enduring solution.  Cornel West speaks about parr hesia, speaking your truth boldly, prophetically.

The solution is reason, a system that is prejudiced towards reason and knows how to recognize it.  Stop rewarding prejudice, stupidity, butthurt, entitlements, people that feel like victims (histrionic personalities) and start rewarding people for being reasonable and correct.


Obama, Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin- Joxua MourningStar Weighs In


Lynn: You have such a unique perspective I wanted to talk to you about this Florida case that everybody seems to be obsessed with.  So what do you think about it?

Joxua: The way we handle race relations in this country is like a pendulum.  One group gets to punish another group for crimes of the past or crimes that somebody else committed.  Opinions can be invalid and ignored or not allowed to be voiced in the first place because of the opinion or the source of the opinion.  If its not hip or PC or pleasant you are not allowed to say it and you’re not suppose to be thinking it.  I call it the pleasantness fallacy.  We can’t have an honest discussion when we are not allowed to bring up unpleasant topics and if our opinion is preemptively rejected we have no reason to participate with anybody else’s solution.

Lynn: What is your opinion on Trayvon Martin?

Joxua: I don’t really know enough about him to have an opinion.  If I had an opinion it would be based on superficial aesthetic snap decisions and it would be informed by my own personal bias.  He seems like a normal enough kid to me and what happened to him saddens me but I don’t think he was without some culpability.

Lynn: How do you feel about Zimmerman?

Joxua: I think he is an overzealous, beady-eyed, little fuck.  I have a saying “It is not that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely it is that where the corrupt mind perceives power it reaches for it eagerly.  Another uncorrupt person will perceive responsibility where the other perceives power and reaches for it slowly.  It is interesting that Zimmerman wanted a scenario just like this, but he did’t think beyond the actual event.  He wanted to force his will on somebody else, but he didn’t want the aftermath.  There is an old saying “You have the rights to your actions, but not to the results of your actions.”  Zimmerman wanted to prove himself to the police and in the form of the conquest, he demonstrated that he was unfit to be a policeman, but his behavior was what he thought they would approve of which shows his perception of the police not as protectors and servants but as violent, intrusive overlords and this is the kind of people that are attracted to being police.

Lynn: What do you think about the stand your ground laws?

Joxua: I think we are likely to see more of them when the economy is this bad there is more crime and less money for police so authority has to be given back to the people. You should be allowed to be tribal, self-interested and suspicious in your own neighborhood.  We are likely to see more instances such as this.  When there is no money for a structure of authority to govern then people must govern themselves. There were seven houses robbed in Zimmerman’s neighborhood so he wasn’t being just selfish for himself he was being concernful of his neighbors however misguided his actions were.

Lynn: What do you think of President Obama’s voicing his opinion?

Joxua: I find it interesting that Cornel West likens Obama to Zimmerman for his decisions in America’s wars.  Strong words from Cornel West he’s really getting his parr hesia on.  I love my brother Cornel West.  I personally think Obama overstepped his boundaries as a president expanding his sense of self to include Trayvon saying things like Trayvon reminds him of himself at that age and Trayvon looks like the son that he’s always wanted.  He has basically thrown himself into the fray and faked a foul.  Now Zimmerman didn’t just shoot a wanna be gangster that was beating him unconscious he shot the president as a young man or he shot the president’s son.

Obama is not thinking like or acting like the president.  He hasn’t transcended his attorneyness.  He is acting like a propagandist and throwing his weight on one side. He is essentially throwing gasoline in a fire.  He is being divisive.  The president sets the precedent.  Obama should be thinking like a judge and not like an attorney.  He should be unifying the nation not taking sides in polarizing debates.

Lynn: I know you voted for Obama twice.  I am wondering how you feel about it now.

Joxua: I think he is showing some pressure under the stress.  I am really disappointed with how he has proceeded on this topic.  I still don’t feel that the other presidential options were any better.  I don’t think that the president has as much artistic control as other people think the president has with they moneyed and political forces that he has to contend with I don’t think he can control what happens but he can influence the sequence of events in which things happen.

Lynn: Thank you for your input.