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The Metaphysics of Joxua Luxor.


I am a deist. My god is the faculty of reason in man, which is the only evidence I need of god.  The early Christians, Hindus, Hebrews, and Buddhists if you understand their occult philosophy, didn’t believe that god existed as a manifest being in the physical universe.  The word Amen, “let it be” comes from the creator god Amun, that manifested everything but never manifested himself.  The reason for this is very simple.  The universe is made out of the body of god infinitely sub divided.  Time is created as a separation of self from self.  The mind exists in order to connect self with self, and to help us get what we need to survive and in the act of surviving understanding god.  Our mind is that part of ourselves our reason which god gave us, to contemplate himself.

Time though is also an illusion, which means that time doesn’t actually exist.  God is outside of time and outside of the universe in his perfect undivided whole.  We, with the tiny shard of godself that we possess are living in an illusion of time, as an act of theurgy to understand god and do his will.  In the indian story of Markandeya  he is vomited outside of god because of not appreciating his life, once outside of god swimming in an ocean without light he realizes that god is the only thing that exists and outside of god there is nothing, because the human brain was not designed to understand anything outside of this universe.  The Hebrew story of Jonah is an homage to this Hindu story.  

But the theme is recurring and ongoing throughout the different systems.  The highest form of god in the Tibetan system according to the Dalai Lama is Samantabhadra, who is male and female engaged in the act of coitus, because god is the creator, and in order to create you have to have male and female.


Furthermore, you see this recurring theme in all of the traditions, (well all of the ones that came from a valid tradition) the reason the celebrate the Sabbath on Friday night after sunset is because that is when the day representing the sacred father and mother meet.  That is why you are supposed to roger your wife on the sabbath.  That was one of the first human rights reforms that meant you couldn’t work or force someone to work 7 days a weak, of fear of offending god.  It was quite simply an unsustainable, undesirable process.  And there is no evidence in the world of the mother and father meeting, this happens in concealment.  The ancients knew there was no evidence of god in the world.  Observe the continuing metaphor.


Ganesh sits guarding the entrance to his mother’s bedroom.  It was in trying to prevent Shiva from entering his wife’s bedroom that he was beheaded, and was resurrected by Shiva with the head of the elephant.  Heinrich Zimmer whose research was edited posthumously and published by Joseph Campbell affirmed that Buddhism is a sub sect of Hinduism which makes sense since the Siddartha came from India.

In closing god doesn’t exist inside the universe, he exists outside of the universe, and the only evidence of him inside the universe is intelligence, life, consciousness, etc.  The whole concept of sitting in seated meditation posture without moving comes from an effort to emulate the prime mover unmoved, any movement is a negation of godself because god doesn’t move and doesn’t act in the world.  The division of duties between the husband and wife was also based on this concept of the prime mover.  The man moves in the world in the polis but upon entering the oikos the house everything is done for him, he doesn’t lift a finger.  The Agency through which god influences the world is through the holy spirit, or the shechinah, god’s active force.


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 ShekinahShechinahShechina, or Schechinah (Hebrewשכינה‎), is the English spelling of agrammatically feminine Hebrew name of God in Judaism. The original word means the dwelling orsettling, and denotes the dwelling or settling of the Divine Presence of God, especially in theTemple in Jerusalem.


Demonstration of neural Myelination in progress.

Demonstration of neural Myelination in progress.

To demonstrate my theories, observe this recurring pattern in which the male is sensitive to the female, compensates for her weakness, and is at the same time insensitive to his lack of comfort. Observe also how the little girl doesn’t hesitate at all, she expects the sacrifice and is not concernful of the discomfort of the male. Nobody picks up on this because of the natural way in which humans normatize believing that which is normal is also good.

THE COVER IS THE BOOK: How Women Predispose Themselves to Manipulation by Psychopaths



For those of you that don’t know Toms gives shoes to poor kids through out the world for each pair of shoes you buy.  Now lets say that you are a woman and you want a sensitive man.  You see a man wearing these shoes and you think, “OHMIGOD, HE IS SO SWEET AND SENSITIVE!  I LOVE HIM!”  Well allow myself to inform you that I work in retail and TOMS shoes are the most stolen item, I swear for every pair sold another pair is stolen, and probably mostly by young men looking to impress girls with them.  If you don’t actually buy the shoes then that little starving kid in Africa doesn’t get any shoes.  So where did these scathingly brilliant female creatures go wrong in their decision making process?  Superficial aesthetic snap decisions.  


The book is not the cover!  There is no law anywhere that says that people have to portray themselves accurately!  It is easier to manipulate a woman than it is to tell her the truth because she will whine, and complain, and judge and nag until you change your narrative.  The conceit that one must have to think that everything should be dumbed down accurately for your benefit, that you yourself are not responsible for knowing who is around you, and the presupposition that you would have this shallow relationship with a person based on the fact that they look stunning on your arm and compliment your eyes.

 I am reminded of how my ex-girl friend used to say after knowing me for a year, “where is that sweet man I used to know.”  The reason this is so infuriating is that she is comparing me to myself when she didn’t know anything about me.  Women don’t want to understand their man, they don’t want to put ANY mental effort into their man.  If the man attempts to tell her what he thinks instead of what she wants to hear she will punish and torment him.  It is much easier to lie to them and manipulate them.  Women are their own worst enemy, and they don’t take responsibility for their terrible decisions and they don’t scrutinize their decision making process.  

The male mind and the female mind are mirror images of one another.  Women are oppositelanders.  They think that everything should be done for them and the person should read their mind and give them what they want.  They think that the relationship is about their happiness and they are the judge of the state of the relationship.  I am trying to help women realize how they are screwing up America and they hate me for it.  They would rather live in pleasant oblivion than be self aware.  Wake up women, your world is crumbling around you faster than you know, and you are responsible, more responsible than anybody else.  


The male mind, in it’s unadulterated un-pussified form, is sociopathic.  He lives in nature and deals with reality, conforming himself to nature so that he can survive.  Women presuppose a pleasant environment which is an artificial environment which is created by someone else for them.  The female mind is incapable of dealing with the ugliness of reality, it would much rather indulge itself in emotional pornography.  Men that haven’t been corrupted, perverted, and turned into women by this disgusting elitist, feminist, liberal western mental environment love that which is true and real.  Truth is beautiful because it means survival and success in the world.  Women on the other hand are distracted by superficial beauty, shiny objects, polish, refinement.  

Take a look at this slob, he is hairy, unrefined, mean-spirited, aggressive, he doesn’t wear TOMS, he eats meat,  he is disliked by just about everybody, he uses crass language, the list goes on.  But, he is a stand up comedian, an author, a linguistic philosopher, a psycholinguist, an ex-stripper, an ex-bouncer, he was given shaktipat initiation by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda picked out of 2,000 people, he is an authentic Jnana and Shaktipat Guru with an authentic lineage, he is an artist, he created his own martial art, he created his own psychology, he writes original philosophic calculus, and he has worked for one of the biggest fortune 500 companies that does the most charity for 10 years.  Can you tell by looking at him? 






I created this image to demonstrate my theory on how the female brain is in relationship with the male brain and emergent properties in peoples normative judgments.  Women presuppose their own moral authority to judge the male mind.  While the man defends the woman and child from the world, she defends herself and the child from the man.  Women presuppose their moral authority and their right to judge the male mind and correct at will the masculine narrative and perspective.  While the male stares into nature and contemplates the world, the woman scrutinizes the man and judges him, concealing her narrative from him, but mistrusting him.


This happens because of neural myelination from nesting rituals that was passed on due to cellular memory.  Evolutionary psychology shows us that the man creates a surplus, a nest, to attract the female, and she feels that she and her children will be well taken care of.  The man’s mind becomes a room.  The woman enters the room and moves objects around to suit herself, to make herself comfortable.

The male mind relaxes into chatter, noise, because this has positive survival data for her.


it communicates to her that she is surviving well because people are happy, the babies are breathing and their are living bodies in the house.

Men on the other hand relax into silence.  This has positive survival data for them because they know that nobody is attacking from the outside, and nobody is dying inside. So he is doing a good job.  But because of the way in which the male and female brains relax the woman can coerce and irritate the male mind by nagging and whining bickering and complaining.  Woman use guilt and shame to manipulate the male brain, moral authority.  Women use an invasive narrative.  Women even pitch their voices to be more irritating to the male brain as a subtle form of abuse.  This hadn’t occurred to me until I read Mind of Mnemonist, and he spoke of how because of his synesthesia, when he was remembering something to himself, if he heard a loud or irritating noise it made a blur in his memory.  I experienced something similar, I also have synesthesia.  When I was younger I developed a psycho-somatic panic reaction to the sound of Shelley Long’s voice on Cheers.  Men speak as little as possible and women think outside their own heads.

If you examine the diagram above you will realize that their is a flow of negative emotional data that we judge as correct and appropriate.  The baby complains to the mother and the mother to the father, but we don’t like negative data moving in the other direction, the mother yelling at the baby or the father yelling at the mother. Image

The existence of the baby reifies the authority of the mother.  Allowing her to block the communication from the father to the child.  To corrupt the message.  To protect the child’s diseases mental and emotional.  The mother doesn’t just protect the child she also protects it’s delusions and fantasies.  From the perspective of the female Moral authority is the highest and only authority, her own authority.  It flies in the face of reason.  That what you must do in order to survive.  Women argue for mercy and charity, they protect the weak and the cute and the destitute and everyone that shows them a harmless face and tells them what they want to hear.  Women protect and expand feminine authority.

Men do not feel that their value is increased by being men, but women do.  Men will not defend another man because he is a man, but women will.  Men will defend another woman against a man because they know there will be more eligible pussy available for themselves.


Women also take advantage of their position, being closer to the center of the herd to manipulate and influence the reputation of their man if they can’t control him.  They use their relationships to spy on him, to deny him entrance to the herd if they are not pleased with him.  How many times have you had your girl ruin all of your friendships when you broke up with her?  Women consider this their prerogative.

Women argue for quarter, you have to be pleasant with them and then they are as aggressive and ruthless with their men.  Remember this, women are submissive with the herd and aggressive with their men.  From their perspective the herd is more important than the man, women are natural social climbers.  Remember to that people make judgments in a predictable manner.  The same way that herding animals choose who gets to die first in the presence of a threat.


The gomer men get to stay at home while the manly men go off to war….




Jesus disciples asked him, “why are you wasting your time talking to a woman?  She can’t even get into heaven unless she is married and pleases her husband.”  Jesus didn’t contest this, “I will turn her into a man!”

Why couldn’t women get into heaven?  Because they don’t have souls, which is to say they are not philosophers an are not capable of remaining consistently rational and letting their philosophy inform their behavior.  Kosher law was aware of psychology before it existed, in a lot of ways the ancients were smarter about people.  Part of the reason women were “unclean” on their menses is because of their emotions going haywire.  it is the same reason why when Israel was a warring tribe if you killed someone in battle you had to sit shiva for seven days before entering the city, because of post traumatic stress.

Buddha said to his disciples, “Now that you have forced me to make women part of my religion it will only be around in it’s uncorrupted state for 300 years.”

From the perspective of the ancients women are the complement and men are the supplement.  This was a reference to the idea that the soul splits itself when it incarnates.

Aristotle, ” A friend is one soul in two bodies.”

Aristotle was making reference to his concept of a philoish, a philosophical brother, but he was using it in the vein of the soul.  In a way it represents extrinsic memory in the form of relationship.


This was also a reference to a mathematical concept.  Women are the complement because they rely on men to contribute more than they themselves are capable of creating.  Women presuppose a pleasant environment, the oikos, the house, the economy,  and they run the house and they pay the wages and they keep the cellars stocked with wine and they keep the slaves in line and they should confine their judgments and attention to that arena since they are not capable of dealing with the ugliness in the world and making sacrifices and hard choices that are unpleasant on a grand external scale, feminine attention is turned inward, male attention is turned outward, the poli, the police, the policy, the politics.  think about nesting rituals in evolutionary psychology.  The man creates a nest, a surplus to attract a female which makes her feel comfortable that she and her children will be well provided for.


Women presuppose a pleasant environment and a pleasant environment is not a natural environment, it has to be made pleasant for them by a man.  Nature is not pleasant, the ocean is not pleasant, outer space is not pleasant, grizzly bears are not pleasant.  So if women need pleasantness they should confine their attention and judgments to environments that are pleasant, instead of castrating their men so that they can’t defend them.


The ancient Greeks found feminine behavior so bizarre that they explained their actions and emotions with hysteria.  They thought that a woman’s uterus moved around in their body causing them to be insane and emotional giving them humors.

In the middle of the flanks of women lies the womb, a female viscus, closely resembling an animal; for it is moved of itself hither and thither in the flanks, also upwards in a direct line to below the cartilage of the thorax, and also obliquely to the right or to the left, either to the liver or the spleen, and it likewise is subject to prolapsus downwards, and in a word, it is altogether erratic. It delights also in fragrant smells, and advances towards them; and it has an aversion to fetid smells, and flees from them; and, on the whole, the womb is like an animal within an animal.  ~Plato


Women and men were separated in the ancient world not to protect women from men but to protect masculinity from femininity.  So that men could think clearly and philosophically and rationally and defend the polis from it’s enemies.  So that they could work out and train and make themselves smart and strong.


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