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Lies of Omission

ken roth LIES

  1. There was not one tweet that admitted that Hamas uses Gazans as human shields – even when Roth linked to a HRW article whose definition of human shields exactly matched Hamas’ methods.
  2. Nothing about terrorists using ambulances for military purposes.
  3. Nothing about shooting Fatah members in the legs to keep them under “house arrest.”
  4. Nothing about the Palestinian report that over 160 Gaza children were killed while digging tunnels.
  5. Nothing about Hamas booby-trapping civilian homesand marked medical facilities.
  6. Nothing about using children for military purposes.
  7. Nothing about Fatah’s accusations of Hamas stealing humanitarian aid.
  8. Nothing about terrorists shooting rockets into Kerem Shalom – from which aid was sent to Gaza.
  9. Nothing about terrorists shooting mortars at Erez, where patients and reporters could enter and exit Gaza.
  10. Nothing about Hamas preventing reporters from leaving.
  11. Nothing about Hamas shooting rockets at the Israeli field hospital set up to help Gazans.
  12. Nothing negative about Hamas’ explicit intentions to kidnap Israeli soldiers to take them hostage, a war crime.
  13. While he mentioned Hamas rockets, he didn’t mention Hamas’ explicit threats against Israeli civilians, via video, text messages and the like, which is also against international law.
  14. Nothing about Hamas targeting Israel’s nuclear power plant – which is the definition of nuclear terrorism.
  15. Nothing about Hamas’ threats to journalists. – including threats from March about kidnapping them in the “coming war.”
  16. Nothing about Hamas war headquarters being in the basement of a hospital.
  17. Nothing about Hamas rockets falling short and causing deaths, injuries and damage.
  18. Nothing about Hamas deliberately aiming rockets at its own people.
  19. Nothing about the report that Hamas threatened UNRWA employees.
  20. Nothing about Hamas instructing Gazans to stay in their homes when Israel dropped leaflets urging them to leave for their safety.
  21. Nothing about Hamas shooting rockets from schools and playgrounds.
  22. Nothing about Hamas instructing Gazans to lie to reporters and NGOs by claiming that every dead person is an “innocent citizen.”