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Google’s Anti-Trump Bigotry.


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g+ haters

This is what Liberal Progressive haters are saying on G+. Disproportionately large views for the relatively small amount of viewers that they have.

g+ biasI search for Donald Trump’s charity work and donations on G+ and this is the first link that shows up.   

Smart Money says Trump is the Gold Standard


Donald Trump absorbed $40,000,000 worth of attack adds & still won in Double Digits in the most Evangelical Primary in the United States.  He has spent less money than any other candidate, hasn’t lied or resorted to dirty tricks.  His reputation is untarnished and his momentum is growing.  The Greatest Nation on Earth wasn’t created by a Political Class, they Revolted against a Ruling Elite.  We The People are Taking America Back.  The Revolution is being Televised.

One more thing, the Pope tried to step toe to toe with this man and was dealt a defeat from Social Media.  This sneaky, opportunistic, preemptive attack by the ILLUMINATI Pope happened because as many as 40% of American Catholics are Illegal Criminal Aliens aided and abetted by Catholic Charities, the same group that are being used by the Obama Regime to sneak Syrian Rape-fugees into our neighborhoods without warning us.  Something serious is wrong in the world, don’t be so open minded your brain falls out.

James Montgomery, My Buddy.



I come to work after two days off to find that my boss is in prison for carjacking a pickup and crashing it into an SUV and killing an off duty highway patrol officer and his relative.  He is one of my personal friends, I have known him for over a year now and he is the best boss that I have ever had.  He is one of a handful of people that has never tried to stab me in the back, and one of the fewer that has defended me and promoted me and invested in me.  When I was trying to get my t-shirt company off the ground he bought lots of them eagerly.  He is a good person, a good american, and a good friend.  I haven’t heard anything that is going to change that at any time in the near future.  

Everybody that knows him loves and respects him, but the media is making him out to be apriorily a carjacker.  He is just some crazy person that runs around Las Vegas stealing cars from off duty police officers and crashing them into SUV’s.  

I don’t know what happened but he is my friend and he is going to have a place in my heart and in my prayers.  I don’t have a huge internet presence but at least there is one small voice rooting for a friend.  I don’t turn on people that haven’t turned on me and James has always been there for me.  Defending me when dickless cowards wanted to throw me under the bus and every ambitious gomer and manipulative female was trying to social climb on me, or when people with histrionic personality disorder would act like I had attacked them or I had some kind of vendetta against them he always stood up for me.  Well I am standing up for him now, to the greatest of my ability.  You are my brother James and I love you, and I am suffering with you in spirit.