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Megyn Kelly Wears a Catsuit

As far as I’m concerned Newt Gingrich destroyed Megyn Kelly in this interview. I have no clue why she would wear such an obvious catsuit it’s disgusting. Newt Gingrich not only exposed Megyn Kelly he destroyed her utterly. It’s so obvious to me that Megyn Kelly has been using sex appeal in order to expand her brand for a long time and she’s just not that good. As far as I am concerned there’s nothing wrong with sex but using manipulating the feminine voice of Western Society for your own benefit , It just disgusts me.

Ideological Fascists can go to Hell.


Donald Trump is the Gold Standard.¬† It’s humorous in a pathetic kind of way watching Media Pundit Elites and Politicians going out of their minds because they can’t Wag the Dog and herd people toward the conclusion & Candidate they prefer.¬† The one that is corruptible and will protect all of the guilty parties that secretly have their filthy fingers in our pie.


Trump wins, Double Digits

Marco Rubio comes in second & over performs.

Ted Cruz comes in 3rd and under performs.

Kasich comes in 4th and over performs.

Obama Hates America: Open letter to Larry Wilmore.


How is criticizing and scrutinizing and disagreeing with the president racist?  It sounds to me that you are suggesting that even though Obama is the most powerful man in the world he is still a permanent victim because he is black.


Let’s scrutinize the ideology by which Obama was raised. ¬†Was he raised like us?


Or was he born rich and lived a privileged sheltered life in which the laws that applied to everybody else didn’t apply to him?


Let’s go back a few steps. ¬†What does it mean to love America? ¬†Does it mean to love the values of America? ¬†or does it mean to love the people in America? ¬†Or does it mean to love the constitution of America and abide by it? ¬†I think it is obvious to everybody that he only loves the Brown to black Americans, and not even Americans, as we speak he is collapsing the border and trying to allow illegals to work, and vote, and get insurance paid for by others. ¬†Which is to say that people that know nothing about this country, who do not respect the laws of this country, now have the ability to influence the substance of this country.


Furthermore, one of the tenets of this country, which was set up to protect us from any form of Tyranny, which is why we have the separation of powers. ¬†Is that you don’t write and pass laws yourself. ¬†That is a tyrannical act that violates the separation of powers. ¬†We are a representative democracy to protect us from a from of tyranny known as the Tyranny of the stupid majority. ¬†Which Obama is invoking. ¬†Making all Americans the equals of illegal, uneducated, immigrants, who hate Americans and ¬†whom he wants us to now compete with politically and financially in a stagnant economy. ¬†It probably won’t effect him or you living in your ivory towers for a while, but it will effect the working class American and the state. untitled

f Giuliani doesn’t get to determine who loves the country, how is it you get to decide what it means to be racist?

obama hates america

You use the Race Card because Giuliani used the 911 card. ¬†Let me ask you a question, did you experience slavery? ¬†Have you experienced discrimination based on your race or your sex? ¬†I have, lot’s of it all my life. ¬†I have been physically beaten up several times in my life because of my race, I have been discriminated against at work all of my life because of my race and my sex. ¬†I have been denied promotions and¬†harassed¬†by people in my company because of my race and my sex. ¬†Both sides of my family, which were large families, were almost entirely in landscape maintenance in Phoenix Arizona. ¬†They had to compete with uninsured, uneducated, illegal immigrants, who would steal their equipment and under bid them. ¬†My father took college classes, went to seminars, and got licensed to expand his business. ¬†But Americans like yourself, who like to think that they are good open-minded and merciful people, would hire the illegals. ¬†Guess how many of my family members are still in Landscape Maintenance? ¬†That’s right, zero. ¬†I wish you would have to compete for your job with illegal immigrants, you arrogant pizza shirt.



eric holder


police (n.)¬†Look up police at Dictionary.comc.1530, at first essentially the same word as¬†policy¬†(n.1); from Middle French¬†police¬†(late 15c.), from Latin¬†politia¬†“civil administration,” from Greek¬†polis¬†“city” (seepolis).


80% of London Muslims Support the Islamic State

ban sharia


Muslim Statistics 4 November 2014
By Daniel Greenfield

This is what the Islamization of a Western country looks like. Good luck with your integration and your moderate Islam. All the empty words in the world can’t change the fact that what’s happening in Iraq and Syria will be coming to the UK… sooner than you think.

One in seven young British adults has “warm feelings‚ÄĚ towards Islamic State, according to a poll.

A tenth of Londoners and one in 12 Scots view Islamic State (Isis) favourably, but sympathy for the militant group reaches its highest levels among the under-25s, the Populus survey found.

Although an overwhelming majority of the public ‚ÄĒ 88 per cent ‚ÄĒ gave Isis a low score, 5.2 per cent of 18 to 34-year-olds gave it a nine or a ten. Overall, 14 per cent of under-25s and 12 per cent of 25 to 34-year-olds gave Islamic State a score of between six and ten, implying a degree of sympathy.


Parriah Pottymouth takes on Heforshe


I would like to thank Parriah Pottymouth for bringing this to my attention first. ¬†Her blog where she tackles the logical fallacies and cognitive biases of Emma Watson’s failed philosophical calculus is here (https://parriahpottymouth.wordpress.com/2014/09/24/13-sexist-things-about-heforshe-everything-sexist-about-emma-watsons-un-speech/)


Parriah brings up a lot of great points, It infuriates me that I should have to respond to the drivel of people like Emma Watson who have no idea what they are talking about, she doesn’t know anything about psychology, or people in groups or sustainable societies or anything. ¬†Based on her status of being an actress, living in an artificial environment where life has always been easy for her and everything has been done for her she infers her life experience to solve global problems. ¬†And apparently being a not entirely disgusting looking female who is well known and has a good reputation for the fake characters she has played in the movies, she is now a moral philosopher and an authority on male and female rights, for her own benefit and the benefit of those people she projects her sense of self on to.

emma watson hitler

Her ill advised campaign as a rhetorical tautology. ¬†He for she. ¬†Is reminiscent of the communist phrase¬†“from those with greater ability to those with greater need.”¬† Now the reason that this philosophical calculus fails is for the simple reason that it incentivizes being needy, which means the less you contribute the more you will get back from the system. ¬†Which means that people actually stop contributing in the first place and the relationship creates no value. ¬†Just as we see the failing economy in Cuba, that takes care of the old and the crippled first and puts men in prison for trying to make a little extra cash with their ability. ¬†When everybody has the same nobody has anything because those who create value are counter incentivized while those that do not create value are incentivized until the incentives run out. ¬†Also because people are acquisitively mimetic, they will copy behaviors they see being rewarded.

mine for her 3


The problem is this, men already to stuff for women, much of the evil done in the world was done by men for women. ¬†The problem is that when men do anything for women because the women do not¬†commit the act themselves they can either take credit for the action because it was done for them or they can deny blame for the action because they didn’t physically do it. They can literally say whatever they want, whatever would benefit them and protect their reputation. ¬†They both did and did not do the deed, and indeed you will see them saying whatever makes them look good at any particular point in time. ¬†This is a bifurcation that is inherent in feminine reasoning, which I myself discovered. ¬†(http://terminclature.wordpress.com/2013/09/12/passive-cause-vs-active-cause/)

mine for her2

If men and women are equal as we say, but don’t really believe, then why are they not the same? The problem with that reasoning is that is exactly how the sexes are raised in the first place, that is gender role reification, boys are raised to be thoughtless of their own feelings, needs, and desires and women are raised to think only of their feelings, needs, and desires.¬†¬†Why should men be concernful of women and not concernful of themselves? ¬†Would it not be better to provide a rational relationship where they could both benefit themselves from the relationship? ¬†Where it creates equitable value for both of them? ¬†Furthermore, how is a man supposed to provide a surplus for a woman when he can’t even provide for himself? ¬†Are we asking men to just go kill themselves? ¬†Or allow themselves to be plundered by people weaker and stupider than themselves?


he for she

Every day literally every where I go I catch facial expressions (because I read micro expressions and body language, I am also a psycholinguist) and tones of voices and body language of people communicating disgust to me. ¬†I am a proud unapologetic male, I don’t apologize for my dick. ¬†I am a dude and I want what dudes’ want and I am interested in the things that dudes are interested in. I am not a bad man for wanting sex or for being interested in sex, it is natural for me, just as women are not bad for wanting babies or for being interested in the things women are interested in. ¬†The world would not be a better place if I too thought and acted like a woman. ¬†When that guy ran into the white house and threw the female agent aside like a rag doll I think a little masculine thought and energy would have pre-empted that embarrassment, don’t you? ¬†The fact of the matter is if we can’t talk and act like men we won’t be able to think like men and we won’t have an incentive too. ¬†Hitler knew that the feminized nations of Britain and France would not be able to stop him, they would complain but they didn’t have the balls to actually resist him, that is why he used the Blitzkrieg warfare, the same that ISIS is using right now.


I think the humorous thing for me is that these people that judge me, and abuse me, and talk shit about me, and prevent me from getting promoted, and try to get me fired, and try to assassinate my character, those same people genuinely would expect me to risk life and limb defending them from a violent attacker. ¬†That is a colossal error on their part, I like myself, and I will not lift a finger to defend anybody who abuses me or thinks poorly of me. ¬†I use my resources for the benefit of my friends. ¬†I am not every man, throughout history, I am me. ¬†I am not society, and I don’t have to agree with society, I am me. ¬†You cannot punish or fine me or demand my agreement of participation to fix an unequality you incorrectly believe men have created. ¬†I have always been rational in my relationships. ¬†I accept no blame in this matter.

Crabby Business Woman Screaming into a Megaphone