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 Lynn Marie Le asked me why I am called “The Destroyer of Worlds”.  There are a lot of reasons, my online handle for years has been Shivah Solomon.  My handle, which is also my spiritual name, means Death and Peace.  There is no peace until their is death, but it is a metaphorical death, a philosophical death, the death of ignorance, of delusion.  Shiva is the Hindu god of death.  

“The soul is, in a way, phenomena.”


In my philosophy a person’s soul, is their world, or the world as they understand it, it is their ontology, but their are hidden subjects, a person is aware of phenomena and we can all see phenomena, but the meaning of the phenomena is different for every person.  I might use a sword or a scissors or a chopsticks completely different than they would.  Their relationship with the phenomena is different.  Also the relationship between phenomena is informed by their soul and that is not immediately obvious.  It informs a teleology of reaction.  This is said and this is done, now this is how I react to it.  

I am a rather brilliant debater and what I have found is that people cling to their world view.  They project their sense of self onto it and when you start to destroy their world view they start to panic.  Falsifying their world view has negative survival data for them and some people would rather die than know that they are wrong, the problem is their incorrect world view also informs their judgments and their relationships and the way they are in relationship with me and the world.  So as I start to hack through the Gordion Knot that is their world view they start to repeat it like an insane person.  Perseverating as their ignorance and delusion starts to go through its death throes.  It is as though chunks of their world are falling apart and they start trying to put it back together again. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perseveration

It is considered a virtue for some reason to back down from crazy people or wrong people.  I disagree with this conception.  That is what makes the world a sucky place to live.  Idiots and fools and people to stupid to know that they are wrong getting their way because they can’t handle reality and I am expected to tip-toe around them and their issues?  Their is no pleasant way to tell an idiot that they are an idiot and the sooner they find out the better it is for everybody.