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We will never solve racism in this country moving in the direction we are moving in.  Once you get victim status everybody agrees that anybody that says anything unpleasant to you, even if it is true is a bad person.  We let one group beat up on another group as payback.  I remember when I was a kid some black leader said something very important, I wish I could remember his name but more importantly I remember his words.

“there is no such thing as reverse discrimination, it is just regular old prejudice.”

What I am about to say is a logical fallacy that I believe I am the first person to point out.  There is the general, the specific, and the personal.  If something happens to me it is personal.  If something happens to my friend it is specific, and if something happens in general that is the general rule.  When people make judgments, when they talk, when they behave strategically to make the world a better place they forget this one simple rule.  I am not white people, I did not take your land, I do not have millions of dollars from my plantation, I didn’t own slaves, I didn’t prevent women from getting the vote, I didn’t kill off the native Americans, and I refuse to be punished for it or apologize for being a strong white man.

Here is another interesting question, based on the same logic, if I can be blamed for the crimes of my ancestors and my sex, how come I never get praised for things that white people and men have done that are good?  Thank you for inventing science!  Thank  you for inventing civil rights!  Thank you for civilization and chivalry!  Thank you for television and the internet!  How come that never happens?


Conflationary thinking is prejudice.  Thinking you can make the world a better place by singling out a person based on color or sex and attack them, blame them, scapegoat them and that will right some wrong you perceive is stupid and if you think that you are an idiot and too stupid to detect your own bullshit.  You don’t change the way you treat your friends or acquaintances because of some event that has nothing to do with either of you.

The way that you change the general rule for the positive is you succeed in your relationships and you return good for good and you don’t let things going on in the world influence the way you are in relationship with your friends.  The only thing that matters is what I do to you, how I treat you.  You don’t know why I did what I did to someone else or why I said what I said to someone else, you only know how I treat you.  What has transpired between us. Image

It has become normal for people to apologize for their race or for their sex with their behavior.  But you are feeding into a logical fallacy.  You are participating with the validity of stupidity from the mind of a moron.  We are enforcing this pleasantness of speech so that we can’t talk about the real issues.  One groups opinion and experiences are wrong because it comes from them, they are wrong for having it and they aren’t allowed to voice it.  As long as we can’t speak freely on the subject there will be no enduring solution.  Cornel West speaks about parr hesia, speaking your truth boldly, prophetically.

The solution is reason, a system that is prejudiced towards reason and knows how to recognize it.  Stop rewarding prejudice, stupidity, butthurt, entitlements, people that feel like victims (histrionic personalities) and start rewarding people for being reasonable and correct.





I was not always an asshole, I chose to be an asshole.  I realized that I was constantly getting screwed.  People would be my friend strategically, and then as soon as they had an opportunity to take advantage, or as soon as I had trouble, they turned on me. So I realized that I had to sour the milk.  To quote Aristotle, “A man that is a friend to everyone is a friend to no one.”  

I coined the phrase, “threat filter” to show how people make decisions about threats.  I show up on everybody’s radar as a potential threat.  Because I am ridiculously talented, insanely smart, strong, funny, creative, fast like a motherfucker.  I am a renaissance man, a philosopher king.  People have categories like trash cans.  They don’t like people that do EVERYTHING well.  You can only do one or two things well, not everything.  I am not arrogant, I evaluate myself correctly.  I know I do that because I have depression and depressed people are the only one’s that evaluate themselves correctly, common psychological knowledge.  The normal person is over rates their ability.  It is known as the dunning kruger effect.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning%E2%80%93Kruger_effect

It isn’t like awesomeness is a finite resource and I am helping myself to too much of it.  I think humility is a very good thing it is just that everyone else has me beat in the humility game because they have so much more to be humble about.  (insert satanic grin)  3:})

My point is this, everybody LOVES to hate me, and they create a refractory state towards me.  They inoculate themselves to me.  They try to thwart me, sabotage me, they talk shit about me.  But I am not the guy they have to worry about.  It is the one that is concealing his thoughts, the one trying to appear to be a none threat, unintimidating, harmless.  I am the obvious threat, because I could be if I wanted to.  I am not intimidating you.  You feel intimidated by me.  And as long as you are in a refractory state towards me you are not looking for the actual threat.  The one that you are never gonna see coming.  So, I guess, in a way, I won another undeclared war that was waged on me without even lifting a finger.  My enemies are so smart they destroy themselves.  

The problem with morons is they forget to account for something in their interpreting and judging reality.  Something very important.  The fact that all of their calculations are made by a complete fucking idiot…..