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Emotional Pornography



I coined this phrase to point out a false dichotomy in the way that people think and make judgments.  Men are thought of as bad and dirty for being interested in the things that they are interested in, which is where the things that women are interested in come from.  Women indulge themselves in feminine pornography and their is no law against it.  Women are more interested in children then they are in men.  A woman is sexually attracted to a man because she wants more of him in the world, but women naturally reify and expand their authority which means that once they have what they want they forget about him or try to turn him into a woman.  The man can’t win, if he allows himself to be turned into a woman she loses respect for him and interest in him and moves onto the next man.  If he refuses to be turned into a woman he is abused henpecked, scolded, ostracized, demeaned, nagged, divorced, and his money is taken from him.  

If you think I am joking in calling it emotional pornography consider this, erectile cavities exist in two places on the human body, the penis and the nipple.  Women will not tell you this but, for lots of sexually developed women that are not weird or screwed up they really, really, enjoy breast feeding.  It seems that white women have a harder time being true to their animal urges than other women that don’t over analyze what feels good. 

One more thing I want to add, when the world is so vastly overpopulated with idiots that breed much faster than smart people, why do we still look in awe upon women because of their ability to crap forth life from their front pooper?  Why do we still respect their moral authority and charity and mercy which flies in the face of reason, and holds back the hand of Sapiential Authority, wisdom? 

Ponder this, men used to refer to women as chicks, girls, babe,  things that framed them as being like the fuzzy cute little animals that they are attracted to, but we aren’t allowed to use those terms anymore, we have to respect them as equals when they don’t think like us, act like us, or listen to us, and they prevent us from getting what we want.  Why don’t we say that women are matronizing children.  Maybe we should force women to treat children like their equals and stop condescending to them.  Wouldn’t that make the world a ton better?