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I do stand up as Adam Wolfe check out my page.


I do stand up as Adam Wolfe check out my page.

this is one of my quotes.  I practice transgressive sacrality through my stand up comedy.  Stand up is the last bastion of freedom of speech.  If you can be offended you need to be offended.  No more Ellen De generic comedians, “lets tell some quirky stories that don’t hurt anybody’s hyper-sensitive feelings.” 

26,000 Sexual Assault Cases in the Millitary



This is the fault of the American people and their stupid judgement making abilities, there I said it, I feel better, allow me to explain….  Our military is full of manly men that like being manly men, they are unapologetically masculine as they should be if they are going to protect our country from foreign threats.  They are proud of being men, full up to their eyeballs with semen and nothing to do with it.  Living in a sexless country.  It is easy to say to yourself “well that sounds like a their problem kind of thing.”

 Thinking that they should just not have sex is not a valid solution.  That mentality is part of the problem.  It might be easy for some sexless, pussy starved, vagina worshiping armchair philosopher to think that one can go on a 1-10 year tour of duty and forego sex but that perspective is stupid and wrong.  There is no easy solution because none of the solutions survive our superficial aesthetic snap decisions, none of the solutions look good at a glance, it is an ugly problem and the solution is going to be unattractive as well but we cannot hide from the problem by sticking our heads in our butts.  It was our avoiding understanding that caused the problem in the first place.  These guys are fuckers not fuckees, they pride themselves on not getting fucked while fucking.  

Possible solutions, the government pays for prostitutes.  Can you imagine the outcry of the american people?  people complaining that their taxes are paying prostitutes?  and what is a good rate?  What if the Muslims found out that we were paying for prostitutes in their country?  They would have moral leverage.  This isn’t like vietnam where there was a booming sex trade.  Muslims don’t want Americans sleeping with their women, they are racist and tribal to an extent that is not allowed by Americans for their own people.  

Anybody that says sex isn’t a necessity is an idiot.  Sex is a need, not a luxury and the people that say different are not strong enough, smart enough, honest enough, or fast enough to defend this country from its enemies.  If you can’t rap your mind around an unattractive solution for an ugly problem you have no business weighing in on the matter.  I despise chicken hawks because they need others to do something for them that they can’t do for themselves and then they sit in arrogant judgement of the needs and demands of those saving them from themselves.  I call them choosy beggars.  But by all means, lets put some guns in the hands of some hipster doucebags, froggy bull-dikes, armchair philosophers, smug elitists, feminazis, and have them put their money where there mouth is.  

Protecting this country is the problem and responsibility of every one living here.  Just like Israel everyone should have to serve 2 years in the military so we do not have this douchey sense of separateness and superiority created by specialization, and feel like we can sit in judgement of those sacrificing themselves for us.  The reason that you can be a radical pacifist and a vegan and a liberal elitist feminist douchebag is because of the efforts of these people that you despise, not in spite of them.  Anyway, take a look at a piece I wrote a while back on the history of rape.  



Light in the World


The father principle says to the mother principle

I know what I am doing.

You don’t know what I am doing and you are inducing that I don’t know what I am doing.

You have forgotten to account for the fact that you are a idiot.

You need to subtract your judgments and interpretations from the equation.

Lynn: You channeled this brilliant piece a few nights ago I wanted you to expound upon what it means symbolically and in the realm of the occult.

Joxua: Well, as you know I am personal friends with Lon Milo Duquette and I happen to know a little bit about Kabbalah.  One of the central texts of which is the Zohar which deals entirely with the topic of how light/wisdom comes into the world or is prevented from coming into the world.  This pattern is so deep and all encompassing its difficult to know where to begin.  This pattern happens in relationship of any kind.  It happens inside the individual, it happens in politics, in religion, in the family, everywhere.  These three principles are part of the psyche.

To quote Deborah Tannen, the mother “ventriloquizes” which means she turns the baby’s emotional gobbledygook into words so that the father can know what the child is thinking and she tempers the father’s voice so that it is not too harsh for the child.  The mother principle acts like the messiah, a go between, a liason, between god and man.  But she runs the risk of usurping the masculine voice and corrupting its message.  Wisdom comes into the world when the message between the father and the son is uncorrupted, when reason and action are married and not attenuated by fear or puritanical pursuits or blocked by moral authority.

The mother principle presupposes pleasantness which is unnatural especially from the perspective of the father who is in contention with the war of all against all, but pleasantness is necessary for the survival of the child, which is necessary for the survival of the species.  The mother will often protect the child’s aberrations along with the child’s feelings which means the child grows up with mental and emotional diseases if the authority of the mother is not checked.

The father wants the child to be in relationship with reality as it is and wants the child to relate functionally towards society.

What we see happening in the United States is that we do not have a passage into adulthood which ends the authority of the mother.  Grown adults are children, they constantly beg for mercy and charity appealing to the authority of the mother.  Women divorce their husbands so they don’t have to listen to them but they still extract a fee from them while indoctrinating their children into the hatred of masculinity and the worship of femininity.  Thus usurping sapiential authority and preventing wisdom from entering the world, the light of reason.

The same pattern happens inside every individual logic and reason are difficult and painful.  There is no wisdom without sacrifice, but we coddle our emotions and we protect our mental and emotional diseases, creating relationships more quickly on their account than we do ally ourselves with our better angels.

Lynn: Oh my god, that what you mean when you say the disease is in relationship with itself through us!

Joxua: Yes, if you think about the concept of demonic possession the way in which people form relationships with one another makes it seems much more plausible.  There is a force in the world that hates wisdom and rises up against it to thwart it. Light cannot be brought into the world by one person alone or without struggle which is why God does not accept the worship of cowards, weaklings or idiots. Their worship is idolatry because they don’t know God and you can’t love what you don’t know.