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THE COVER IS THE BOOK: How Women Predispose Themselves to Manipulation by Psychopaths



For those of you that don’t know Toms gives shoes to poor kids through out the world for each pair of shoes you buy.  Now lets say that you are a woman and you want a sensitive man.  You see a man wearing these shoes and you think, “OHMIGOD, HE IS SO SWEET AND SENSITIVE!  I LOVE HIM!”  Well allow myself to inform you that I work in retail and TOMS shoes are the most stolen item, I swear for every pair sold another pair is stolen, and probably mostly by young men looking to impress girls with them.  If you don’t actually buy the shoes then that little starving kid in Africa doesn’t get any shoes.  So where did these scathingly brilliant female creatures go wrong in their decision making process?  Superficial aesthetic snap decisions.  


The book is not the cover!  There is no law anywhere that says that people have to portray themselves accurately!  It is easier to manipulate a woman than it is to tell her the truth because she will whine, and complain, and judge and nag until you change your narrative.  The conceit that one must have to think that everything should be dumbed down accurately for your benefit, that you yourself are not responsible for knowing who is around you, and the presupposition that you would have this shallow relationship with a person based on the fact that they look stunning on your arm and compliment your eyes.

 I am reminded of how my ex-girl friend used to say after knowing me for a year, “where is that sweet man I used to know.”  The reason this is so infuriating is that she is comparing me to myself when she didn’t know anything about me.  Women don’t want to understand their man, they don’t want to put ANY mental effort into their man.  If the man attempts to tell her what he thinks instead of what she wants to hear she will punish and torment him.  It is much easier to lie to them and manipulate them.  Women are their own worst enemy, and they don’t take responsibility for their terrible decisions and they don’t scrutinize their decision making process.  

The male mind and the female mind are mirror images of one another.  Women are oppositelanders.  They think that everything should be done for them and the person should read their mind and give them what they want.  They think that the relationship is about their happiness and they are the judge of the state of the relationship.  I am trying to help women realize how they are screwing up America and they hate me for it.  They would rather live in pleasant oblivion than be self aware.  Wake up women, your world is crumbling around you faster than you know, and you are responsible, more responsible than anybody else.  


The male mind, in it’s unadulterated un-pussified form, is sociopathic.  He lives in nature and deals with reality, conforming himself to nature so that he can survive.  Women presuppose a pleasant environment which is an artificial environment which is created by someone else for them.  The female mind is incapable of dealing with the ugliness of reality, it would much rather indulge itself in emotional pornography.  Men that haven’t been corrupted, perverted, and turned into women by this disgusting elitist, feminist, liberal western mental environment love that which is true and real.  Truth is beautiful because it means survival and success in the world.  Women on the other hand are distracted by superficial beauty, shiny objects, polish, refinement.  

Take a look at this slob, he is hairy, unrefined, mean-spirited, aggressive, he doesn’t wear TOMS, he eats meat,  he is disliked by just about everybody, he uses crass language, the list goes on.  But, he is a stand up comedian, an author, a linguistic philosopher, a psycholinguist, an ex-stripper, an ex-bouncer, he was given shaktipat initiation by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda picked out of 2,000 people, he is an authentic Jnana and Shaktipat Guru with an authentic lineage, he is an artist, he created his own martial art, he created his own psychology, he writes original philosophic calculus, and he has worked for one of the biggest fortune 500 companies that does the most charity for 10 years.  Can you tell by looking at him? 







I am a user she says, “Fuck you user!” ,she says.  

Because I demand that my relationships are useful and not useless? 

Because I require that my partnerships create more value than they consume? 

I am a usurer?  a Shylock at relationship? 

How dare I require my need my conversations to be rational and analytical? 

How dare I prevent the stupider slower less creative person in the relationship from arbitrarily changing the way she is in relationship with me to maximize benefit to herself?  

Without communication, reason or provocation.

How dare I not let her hijack the relationship and make everything about her and her happiness? 

She does whatever she wants like a spoiled noisy child bouncing around loudly in the back seat on a road trip, writing herself into her fantasy as a fairy tale princess  and everyone else as supporting caste. 

I ask her not to be a deluded, insane, retard and she claims I have requested a pound of her flesh.  





I have been asked repeatedly to write down my techniques for what I learned to do with human behavior and psychology.  I think Cris Blakk will particularly find this technique interesting so I dedicate this blog to him.  https://plus.google.com/115599668920707439466/posts

When I think a person might be behaving strategically towards me, which is any unprovoked deviation from rational relationship for the purpose of maximizing what they are getting from the relationship without contributing equal value, or an attempt to establish dominance or leverage themselves, or refusing to participate, communicate, understand I have a little test to see if they are being self-referentially consistent.

Most people in trying to falsify another person do so from their own perspective making visual emotional judgements.  “I feel that you are wrong, therefore you are wrong”.  In order to actually falsify someone you have to do so from their perspective, which means understanding their philosophy if it is valid and non arbitrary, and if it is sound prove to them that their behaviors are not congruent with their beliefs.

I will use a tautology of the behavior or the strategic communication on them and see how they react to their own strategy.  If they respond as they want me to respond when they use it I know they are not intentionally being strategic, but if they don’t I know it is some manner of subterfuge.

I came up with this technique from my ASCENDING DRAGON STYLE TAI CHI that i created when I was in Washington state.  The concept is that you only turn the energy used to attack you back on your opponent.  You must make your ego very small and remove your judgments and interpretations from the interaction to ensure that they are in relationship with their own tactics through you.  I also sometimes refer to this as the silver ray technique. http://finscribeofwisdom.blogspot.com/2012/10/ascending-dragon-style-tai-chi.html

One of the tests for intelligence in animals is to see how long it takes them to realize that they are fighting their own reflection.  The mirror technique is fascinating because you get to see how the person is in relationship with their own strategies.  There is a part of my consciousness that sits back and just observes.  If you use 100% of your energy for the physical stuff or the emotional stuff you will not have the energy to sit back and learn and remember.  You can’t be completely invested in the conflict, you have to have a reserve of energy to learn and remember so that you can improve and compensate for that strategy in the future.

They are not fighting me, they are fighting themselves.  Sometimes people become aware of this.  Other times they become psychotic and feel they must destroy me.  They use as much dumb physical force as they muster and they enter a self destruction loop.  They become completely unconscious and completely obsessed with my destruction.  Paul Eckman refers to this as a refractory state, he says that a permanent refractory state is synonymous with insanity.  This is the technique I used to troll trolls and entire groups of trolls off the internet.  Right now I am apparently too controversial for facebook, lol.  They won’t let me have a single profile and it has been 6 months.  WINNING!


Light in the World


The father principle says to the mother principle

I know what I am doing.

You don’t know what I am doing and you are inducing that I don’t know what I am doing.

You have forgotten to account for the fact that you are a idiot.

You need to subtract your judgments and interpretations from the equation.

Lynn: You channeled this brilliant piece a few nights ago I wanted you to expound upon what it means symbolically and in the realm of the occult.

Joxua: Well, as you know I am personal friends with Lon Milo Duquette and I happen to know a little bit about Kabbalah.  One of the central texts of which is the Zohar which deals entirely with the topic of how light/wisdom comes into the world or is prevented from coming into the world.  This pattern is so deep and all encompassing its difficult to know where to begin.  This pattern happens in relationship of any kind.  It happens inside the individual, it happens in politics, in religion, in the family, everywhere.  These three principles are part of the psyche.

To quote Deborah Tannen, the mother “ventriloquizes” which means she turns the baby’s emotional gobbledygook into words so that the father can know what the child is thinking and she tempers the father’s voice so that it is not too harsh for the child.  The mother principle acts like the messiah, a go between, a liason, between god and man.  But she runs the risk of usurping the masculine voice and corrupting its message.  Wisdom comes into the world when the message between the father and the son is uncorrupted, when reason and action are married and not attenuated by fear or puritanical pursuits or blocked by moral authority.

The mother principle presupposes pleasantness which is unnatural especially from the perspective of the father who is in contention with the war of all against all, but pleasantness is necessary for the survival of the child, which is necessary for the survival of the species.  The mother will often protect the child’s aberrations along with the child’s feelings which means the child grows up with mental and emotional diseases if the authority of the mother is not checked.

The father wants the child to be in relationship with reality as it is and wants the child to relate functionally towards society.

What we see happening in the United States is that we do not have a passage into adulthood which ends the authority of the mother.  Grown adults are children, they constantly beg for mercy and charity appealing to the authority of the mother.  Women divorce their husbands so they don’t have to listen to them but they still extract a fee from them while indoctrinating their children into the hatred of masculinity and the worship of femininity.  Thus usurping sapiential authority and preventing wisdom from entering the world, the light of reason.

The same pattern happens inside every individual logic and reason are difficult and painful.  There is no wisdom without sacrifice, but we coddle our emotions and we protect our mental and emotional diseases, creating relationships more quickly on their account than we do ally ourselves with our better angels.

Lynn: Oh my god, that what you mean when you say the disease is in relationship with itself through us!

Joxua: Yes, if you think about the concept of demonic possession the way in which people form relationships with one another makes it seems much more plausible.  There is a force in the world that hates wisdom and rises up against it to thwart it. Light cannot be brought into the world by one person alone or without struggle which is why God does not accept the worship of cowards, weaklings or idiots. Their worship is idolatry because they don’t know God and you can’t love what you don’t know.