Ponder this, how many people have had an enjoyable experience with a bewb?  Now how many people have had an enjoyable experience with a penis?  The vast majority of people are not analytical philosophers, they don’t know the logical fallacies and they don’t know the cognitive biases and as such they can’t stop themselves from making them.  Furthermore I have found that neural myelination accounts for 90% of the decision making of human beings which means cellular memory.  I refer to humans as organic computers because they are predictable.  In their judgments there are certain patterns that emerge, such as a pro female bias.

Contemplate how many more people spend on breast cancer than veterans or prostrate cancer and the fact that Veterans charities are rampant with fraud and theft, which is not tolerated with breast cancer awareness, people are much more hyper vigilant.  But women didn’t sacrifice themselves for us.  Every person that served protected the entire nation from threats.  A woman having breasts is not necessarily a mother or our mother.  Yet we are far more sympathetic to feminine concerns than masculine concerns.

Every year at least $1.5 billion is spent on breast cancer research.  Some of this money comes from an ever-growing number of breast cancer non-profit organizations, but the vast majority comes from government organizations such as the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Department of Defense (DoD).  The funds go largely to preventionand early detection.http://thinkbeforeyoupink.org/?p=1772


Men women and children have the same bias, choosing in favor of femininity and weakness.  Men are even insensitive to their own desires.  Men don’t even question this when asked to sacrifice themselves for women and children, they just presuppose the validity of it.  Women also don’t question it.  Women have gotten so arrogant and so expectant that men will sacrifice their desires and wishes for women and children that even after not having contributed anything meaningful to a man’s life women finding they don’t have enough of what they want will turn to the man and expect him to sacrifice himself so that she can have more.


The manliest men go off to war, they are in relationship with death and the threats and the ugliness, they create the outside perimeter, the grizzled, gnarly, rind, the crust, the tough outer layer.  That is why I say the male mind is sociopathic.

Inside that are the effeminate men, the champions of normalcy and pleasantness, captain save a ho, the white knights, the arm chair philosophers, with their feminist, elitist, bias.  It is the guy that is not fit to go into battle.  He acts as a moral authority protecting the women from the manly men, but also gaming the system for his own benefit.  He is to cowardly to do what the manly man does.  He is a champion of femininity.


The butch women essentially perform the same function as the effeminate men, protecting women from the truth, reality, ugliness, and death.  Lying to women about themselves.  Telling them they are equals to the men and not to worry.  The butch women are closer to the women and children then the effeminate men.  Women have an innate feeling of inferiority to men, Sigmond Freud got that right.  If you observe women in their reasoning, arguing, and behavior, they want to control the penis, they want to own it.  They want to direct the activities of the penis.  They want to send it to attack their enemies.  They want to control how it thinks and they want to be the focal point of its attention and the only source of its happiness.

Penis envy in Freudian psychoanalysis refers to the theorized reaction of a girl during her psychosexual development to the realization that she does not have a penis. Freud considered this realization a defining moment in the development of gender and sexual identity for women[1] — the parallel reaction in boys to the realization that women do not have a penis being castration anxiety. In contemporary culture, the term sometimes refers inexactly or metaphorically to women who are presumed to wish they were men.[2]


What is the most fascinating is how the behaviors used to champion negate their own arguments.  The manly women copy the behavior of men, therefore demonstrating that they tacitly believe that masculinity is dominant.  Fritz Perls said that you copy what ever behavior you believe is dominant when you want to win.  So the fact that they use masculine behavior when they want to win demonstrates that they believe masculinity is dominant.  You have to understand the psychosis that the individual must have to use a means different from their argument in order to obtain a sense of victory.  Women do this because it is a natural psychopathic/female strategy to expand and increase feminine authority.  Women think of themselves as a group, WOMEN.  Whereas men do not think of themselves as MEN, they think of themselves as a man.  Men do not feel that their position is increased by being men, while women do, and this comes from the fact that their need recognition was stimulated in that they closetedly feel inferior to men, thus the need for the repeated conquest against men.

The effeminate man will argue that the woman is the equal of man in mental function and ability, but if that is so why does she need the protection of the effeminate man?  The effeminate man argues against reason, and the participation therewith to increase the amount of poontang he has available to himself and not being able to compete with the manly man in manly endeavors, he adopts a strategy flying in the face of reason he presupposes that women need protection from the manly man and that they are incapable of dealing with reality and handling the truth.

The fascinating thing about people’s judgments, when they are no analytical philosophers, is that their judgments always make themselves correct.  It always justifies why they are good for wanting what they want.  Because their are so many weak, stupid, and incorrect people out their all of these strategies and judgments create a disparate impact in favor of weakness, stupidity, and failure.  Why are we attracted to emotional pornography?  Puppies, babies, kittens?  because they are harmless, because we feel like we could protect them and contribute to them, that has positive survival data for us, it means we are surviving well and that we are capable of providing for another.  If we were really secure we wouldn’t judge so hatefully and immediately against things that pose potential threats.   We wouldn’t be controlled by our emotional reactions and pre emptively attack people because they appear strong or smart.


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Here in America we love to make people wrong, and once they are wrong they have to go away and shut up and their opinion in invalid.  If it’s not pleasant its not true and you can’t say it.  It presupposes that a series of pleasant events leads to a desirable conclusion.  Personally I feel that there is no pleasant way to tell an idiot that they are in idiot.  If they knew then they wouldn’t be an idiot, but idiots don’t know that they are idiots.  Somebody has to tell them and that telling is going to be unpleasant but its better than dashing your brains out of the cliff of reality.


In a nation of the people, by the people and for the people, who is going to save us when none of us are good enough to lead and everybody refuses to follow or to participate with reason?  Sigmond Freud is no longer a father of modern psychology, because he was too unapologetically masculine and he said and did some mean things, it isn’t just that he doesn’t get credit they want to remove him from all of the text books as if he never existed.  Don’t you understand this is not a solution this is the problem.  It is not the mistakes that people have made or their terrible personalities IT IS WHAT THEY DO BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE THAT NOBODY ELSE CAN DO. 

We have a prejudice in this country against genius, against winning, we despise our own talent, we ignore it, we try to get away from it, we feel thwarted that we can’t compete with it.  As though awesomeness is a finite resource and someone else is using too much of it.  If Americans aren’t good enough to run this country who is?

The melting pot is broken.  When I was a kid there were Mexican girls standing in line to knock my junk around, now all these bloated heifers look with disdain at me as if they are too good for me, in my own country.  We let foreigners walk all over us.  Every culture that came to this country got jumped in.  We indoctrinated them into our culture, just like the Greeks did in the gymnasium.  Now these people come to our country because they want to enjoy our way of life but they don’t want to adopt our values and they bring their stupid prejudices and judgments with them and they presuppose their moral authority over us  and their right to judge us!  False forced equality, with things that are not equal.  We act like Cesar Chavez never existed.

Why is this happening?  Stupid American women and their need to dominate, emasculate, and control men, and all of the gomers, special interests, and bitch-move artists that support them.  They have this double standard where they will accept behavior from foreigners that they won’t tolerate from American men.  Other cultures are allowed to be tribal and creepy and its ok for them because it is their culture.  It is ok for a Mexican guy to cock block for his sister.  It is ok for Persian guys to sleep with all of the american sluts while at the same time the worst possible offense would be that an American man made it with one of their ladies.  Because from their perspective that is a travesty because their women are special and ours are whores.  Stop apologizing for your culture with your vaginas women.  You are not an ambassador to foreign nations and those 5 Arabs you let bang you don’t respect America more, Oh, and that word that they are using as they are giggling and hi-5ing each other, “sharmouta”  that means Whore.  American women you are not part of the solution, you are the problem.  Keep your stupid judgments to yourself and get your ass back in the kitchen.  Leave politics to us men.



Lynn:  Before we get started I would like to point out that this Greek piece of literature is usually translated as Oedipus Rex instead of Tyrannous the Latin root for tyrant because back in that time it didn’t have the connotation it has now.  The “tyrant” was the popular ruler, so tyrannous is probably the best translation although Rex is the most common.   The question that I have for you is why did Sigmund Freud choose to base his entire psychological system on a Greek play? 
Joxua:  To say that Oedipus Tyrannous is just a play doesn’t do it justice.  This play has deep insights into the human condition.  I am not like other scholars in thinking that we are wiser than the ancients if anything I feel that in some ways we are stupider when it comes to people and relationship.  Human beings are intelligent objects so we find that truths about humans and groups of humans are constantly changing and unreliable, what is true today is patently false tomorrow.  Much more intelligent patterns evolve from humans than through objects or unintelligent objects or phenomenon.  Today we are insulated from relationship just as we are distracted from it so our understanding of human nature and of ourselves has been diminished as it is not as useful to us as it was to the ancients.  Oedipus Rex is predictive and descriptive of patterns in human relationship.  
Lynn:  That is brilliant.  Could you deconstruct for us the symbolism in the play and the hidden subjects and meanings?  
Joxua:  I would love to.  To start with Oedipus is found to be unfit for survival, as was the Greek tradition he was left exposed to the elements on the side of a hill as part of a post natal abortion.  “Oedipus” probably means gimpy leg which is why he was left to die, he was malformed.  He was rescued and raised by a goat herd and one day for some reason he runs into his father, who tries to kill him and he accidentally kills his father not knowing that it is his father.  Athens is being cursed by the gods and the Queen offers a reward for anyone that can answer the riddle of the sphinx, Oedipus says why the fuck not, my life has not been great up to this moment, maybe I will win the lottery.  
The sphinx asks him 3 questions which he is curiously predisposed to answer because of his physical flaw.  The question is “What walks on all fours as a child, 2 legs in the prime of life, and 3 legs in old age?”  the answer is mankind, this also shows us that the play itself is about the plight of mankind.  So Oedipus saves the day and he is the cause of the good, the queen, his mom, now without a king has weakened influence over her kingdom and so she needs to marry someone that will make her rule more popular with the people.  Oedipus is the most popular man in the kingdom and so obviously she marries him and he has no better option than being king so he accepts.  He ends up having children with his mother and eventually Athens falls into disfavor with the gods again, and is again in need of being saved.  
Once again Oedipus sets out to see if he can save Athens from the disfavor of the gods and what he finds out is that HE is himself the cause of the plagues on Athens.  He killed his father which is called a blood crime and the furies existed to torment people who killed family members because that was one of the worst crimes imaginable.  Not to mention he had committed incest with his mother.  Of more interest was that everything he had done had been perfectly logical and he had no way of knowing at the time that he was doing something wrong, being self interested and wanting to survive and live a good life and accepting the best options that were available to him.  The entire thing was orchestrated by Providence, it was pre-ordained, and he was being blamed for it, punished for it, and not just him but all of Athens was being punished for his sins.  Whereas before he was the cause of the good, now he was the cause of the bad because he had been the cause of the good.  All he could do now to ameliorate the situation was to exile himself from his home, which he does but he also plucks out his eyes and wanders the earth sightless so he doesn’t have to observe the insanity of the human condition anymore.  
lynn:  Whoa, that is gnarley!