Bias mining (definition)


According to Shivah/Joxua bias mining is editing your consideration set to only include information that proves your point of view correct and ignoring any information that proves other people’s point of view correct.


Changing states (definition)

According to Shivah/Joxua when a person changes the way in which they are in relationship with a person, idea, object or event.  When a person does this their narrative has changed as well as their behavior or personality.  In Shiva’s equity in human relationship theory (EIHRT), in order to proceed rationally a person must be aware that they have changed states and communicate to anybody that they have a rational relationship with that they have changed states in a timely manner.  This is called transparency or disclosure and it is part of the Praxis of the Rational.  It presupposes that each person in the relationship knows themselves accurately and is constantly introspecting, eternally vigilant as to their emotional state.

Passive cause and active cause:

This is a dichotomy to explain how psychopaths think and how they are able to take credit for everything and reject blame for anything.  It explains how the manipulator thinks perceiving themselves as the cause of the good all of the time regardless of their behavior or reasoning.  This dichotomy is how psychopaths rationalize things to themselves and manipulate the minds of others without guilt.

Switching narrative (definition)
According to Shiva/Joxua all narrative is doxography or point of view so everything said comes from a different perspective or viewpoint.  When a person switches narrative, they essentially quote a viewpoint that is antagonistic to their original or main view point.  This is a strategy that most people don’t pick up on.  It bypasses their logic filter.  An example would be a pro-Muslim anti-theist quotes an Islam hating anti-theist to make his position seem more valid but he doesn’t explain how he accepts authority of an anti-Muslim advocate.  This happens because of the acquisitively mimetic behavior of human beings.  They pick up narrative tacitly because it sounds good without analyzing it and without testing it for self-referential inconsistencies which would make it arbitrary and invalid.

Threat filter:

This is a logical filter in which people look for threats to themselves before expanding their sense of self to include another person.  Shivah suggests that psychopaths bypass the threat filter to get where they want to go by communicating harmlessness and sameness.

vicarious value:

when a person possesses a resource that has no value to himself but would have value to someone that increases his own value.  It comes from Shivah’s concept of efficiency towards value as a meditation on non wastefullness.  It is a rational process in his EQUITY IN HUMAN RELATIONSHIP THEORY.

Zen Tao or Chan Tao

is a word created by Shiva Solomon meaning to see the correct course of action and act on it.  It has a correlation with linguistic determinism in which your vocabulary determines your ability to think.  Shiva felt there should be no separation between recognizing the solution and actuating it so he created the word Zen Tao.


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