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This is one of my best self portraits and photoshops, imho.  I was inspired by the art in one of my most prized possessions, a copy of the essays of Michel de Montaigne by none other than Salvador Dali.  And yes that is me,  I took the gratuitous buttshot motif from Kevin Costner, my idol.

Below is the piece that inspired my original.



I was particularly predisposed to understand this piece because of my love and understanding of Plato.   What Dali is here illustrating is the epiphany of the universe to Plato.   Plato of course made the platonic solids and the dodecahedron represented the universe seeing as it had 12 sides and there are 12 houses in the zodiac.  You remember that Plato came up with the metaphor of the cave to represent his concept of the causal world in which the monads, or ideal forms, from which all phenomena originate.  He believed the ideas were immortal and that they pre existed things.  First there was the idea of the thing and then the thing made in the image of the idea.

Dali obviously agreed with Plato as we see that he is showing him vindicated in his piece.

Huge Copyright Infringement Scandal and Retraction


Lynn:  Ohmigod, this is so Gnarly.  I can’t believe that this guy is actually making a big deal out of this.  You are always saying that it is best to use specific incidents to deconstruct with your philosophical and psychological models.  Can you please deconstruct this and show us how you interpret people?  Mr. Mindhacker, lol.

Joxua:  Absolutely, and I agree that this is a good example to use for this.  First of all he has started the conversation with his mind closed, he is not open to relationship or negotiation.  He is calling the use of his unprotected image, “theft” which is an exaggeration on his part, which is technically correct.  Remember that the Pharisees and Scribes used the letter of the Law against Jesus since they couldn’t debate him and win any other way.  Jesus knew more about the spirit of the law.  So he is taking a semantic truth and exaggerating the gravity of the situation, positioning himself as a moral authority.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Letter_and_spirit_of_the_law

Now let’s examine his hyperbole of theft.  I did an image search on the word archery, to illustrate one of the golden verses of Shivastus Solomonicus, the literary character I created to reintroduce philosophy into western literature.  I was looking for an image of a Zen archer done in an ancient Japanese style, but I couldn’t find one that was minimalist or simplistic enough.  I settled for what turned out to be his, an unprotected silhouette painting, done in two colors, red and black.  How much value did it have for me?  Very little, I won’t even notice when I find another image to attach the saying to.  How much damage did I do to him?  Practically none, other than more people were exposed to his art and he could have used the photoshop I made to increase the perceived value of his lackluster painting.

Lynn:  Yeah, I mean the guy is totally over reacting, at first I thought he was talking about Patrick Whelan‘s painting, who is my friend and I have permission to post that.  He was trained in the Master’s Tradition which isn’t taught anymore and he sold two paintings to Michael Jackson.  When I saw what he was talking about I had to laugh.  Patrick even used quotes on his images increase perceived value like you said.

Stardust- Whelan Gallery


I keep on thinking about what you say about moral authority and the punitive verses educational relationships.  People have never seen you work.  I have seen you having 3 conversations with different pop ups, while doing photoshops, while engaged in a knock down, drag out debate, and composing a blog at the same time.  This guy acts like you were studying his style and plotted and schemed to steal his art, lol.  Ohmigod, and he was so rude.  Tell me more about his personality based on his behavior, please, with your philosophical system.

Joxua:  Well if you remember what I have said about moral authority and how it presupposes an up down relationship, and how moral authority blocks Sapiential authority, you see that he was using this paradigm to force an up down relationship with himself on top.  He entirely missed the meaning of the quote as he would have to do in order to have a sense of victory.


I was referring to the etymology of the word “sin”, and I was arguing against moral authority because it should be subordinate to sapiential authority or the authority of wisdom and reason, and that can only be arrived at through conversation of a Socratic and equal nature.  He was arguing for moral authority so he could punish and attack.  If you remember my whole concept of punitive societies and educational societies and how structure of authority attract psychopaths, and how psychopaths have innate feelings of superiority this should all be making sense now.

New Image

Lynn:  I feel like something else is going on here.  Something stimulated his butthurt.  He is concealing something.  What do you think of that?

Joxua:  Well, I could get much farther into his head with my psychological models.  What I refer to as “Conquests of Gomers” is that Gomers in doing what they think is establishing dominance basically communicate that they are gomers.


You see that he refers to the Nagual tradition in his spiritual name, it is possible that he noticed that we were also spiritualists.  With spiritualists, if they have issues, they like to think of their tradition as the ONE TRUE tradition and wisdom can come from no other source.  They are threatened if they hear any other person speaking with authority on spiritual topics because it falsifies their world view.  Now this guy might be smart enough to realize that most Mexicans that harbor resentment against Europeans for forcing their culture on them also speak Spanish a European language and are Catholic a European religion, so he went back to an older native religion to validate his world view.  He might think of us as his natural enemy.

Now I don’t have resentment against any people based on sex or skin color.  I identify with reason, and I believe in equality under reason.   Not to mention I took 4 years of spanish, I was a Testigo of Jehovah, and I peer tutored spanish speaking children in high school math.  I was trained not to be racist, but many latino children aren’t, their parents tell them, “Siempre, llama me en espanol!  Recuerda tu gente!  Tienes respeto para tus abuelos!”  Mexicans don’t refer to themselves as A race they refer to themselves as THE Race, La Raza, THE People.  I have gone to restaurants where they have pictures of Emiliano Zapata to communicate that latinos will get preferential treatment, but I have never been to a restaurant that had a picture of Custer.

HermesApollonius (1)

That is why Shivastus says, first comes the philosopher king.  Until you know the logical fallacies and the cognitive biases you can’t know if you are making them, even more so if you are emotionally and mentally damaged and you don’t want to be well.  If you are in relationship with your issues and trying to prove that your issues are correct you simply cannot ever approach the realm of spirit.  This is known, first you have to become the philosopher king and then sorcery begins to happen.  Then siddhis and spiritual phenomenon begin to unfold.  Until you have killed the ego out of yourself and you are egoless you simply are not spiritual, everything that comes through you comes from the ego and not from god.

Lynn:  Wow, brilliant, that answers so many questions.  Yeah, and that is what you were saying in the holy trinity of the psyche, Mary represents moral authority and the ego, not superego.  It thinks it is channeling god but it is channeling the feminine perspective.  Until you learn to recognize ego and prevent it you can’t channel anything else and nothing else will come through but your mental diseases and issues.  It is brilliant!

This guy is such a putz, some day he is going to be bragging about how you used one of his crappy paintings.

Joxua:  Yes, he is a vagina worshipper.  He establishes dominance by pandering to a feminine audience with his crappy art.  He makes up for what he lacks in talent by catering to the bad taste and lack of discernment of his audience.


Lynn Marie Le and fans of Patrick Whelan wearing his stardust t-shirts.